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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Heading out from Slabs and on to Quartzite

Well we left the slabs about 9:30 went to the fairgrounds and dumped the tank and the filled water bottles.Got on the road by 10
We now went thru Imperial Sand Dunes between Brawley and Blythe, now talk about motor homes and 5th wheeles on the road and hitting the dunes this weekend. photos to follow. I think this is almost as bad as Quartzite. Looks like all are going to have a good time this weekend, and i am sure a lot of drinking as well
Oh dear this road we are on is going to give us some sick cats i think. its like a roller coaster.were on rd 78 E 49 more miles to Blythe.

So far so good no one got sick. stopped here and had to have lunch, its under a over pass, nice dirty little stream of water there, with some ducks but they all flew away when we approached. Nevada is taking a nap. it is 1:30 pm

Well we made it to Quartzite Nevada was tired so we decided to stay and look for a rv park, Hah price is ranging from $25 and pay for wifi,nope not doing it, we are parked in town at this big parking lot with Rv park next door which is $20 and the parking lot is $5 so we are here and once inawhile i can pick up someones wifi.
Boy the town has really changed since we were here last yr. lot of the buildings are gone and they have remodled many others. Plus there adding a rv resort buy into .. guess they decided to make this town more pleasant.

Will leave tomorrow and head over to Wickenburg and then maybe to Surprise.

Friday, December 29, 2006

We are here at the slabs

The Slabs
Well we have been at the slabs now since sunday night, got here really late, found i had very little cell phone service, UGH so much for Sprint saying they have coverage all over.
This is Roger Woods and Mary.
We had x-mas dinner with Mary & Rich, Ray, Bob, Sue, & Vivian. Viv is 82 yrs young and is still wanting to drive a big rig, she has a little class B she has that little thing fixed up so cute inside.

Mary did a good job with the dinner as well, so if you read my blog Mary thanks so much for the dinner and all you did.
This is Vivian (standing) and Sue

This is Rayhound, and Bob, another traveler very nice man from Colorado who left just a few days before the big snow hit Colorado.

Our gracious Hosts Mary and Rich

We ended up driving into town the next morning as we needed to get water and gas and propane, So Ray went with us and showed us were to go and then showed us some of the town.Poverty here for sure, altho if it wasn't for the people at the slabs this town would be dried up. And probably look worse than it does.

This is the old Court house, it sure would be neat if it was all fixed up. This is in the town of Niland.

Yesterday we drove into town to do Laundry, TC the cat had accident on top bunk, took forever to get the down cover dried, all those feathers. Lady came in with a whole bunch of laundry and used almost all of the washers that was in the place accept the 2 we used and one was out of commission. Heard her say i am never going to wait this long again. LOL

Had our first experience with the winds here, yup its a mess, lots of dust.
We then went to x-mas dinner at the Oasis with Mary & Rich and Fred. Now i have to say they had a great dinner and the ladies did a good job putting it all together, The dinner was $7 per person, $6 if your a member of the club.All you can eat .They had turkey and ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, beans, and turkey stuffing. and lots of pie.
All in all the people were very nice.

Boy for the last two days the winds were awful, we didn't even leave the MH yesterday because the winds were so bad.
Today is our last day here, I had two roasts and asked Vern to cook them in his solar oven, which he did, turned out really good. we had dinner with Vern, Ray, Fred, Nevada & I and Mary & Rich, Alice Vern's wife had other plans at the Oasis club. It was a very good dinner, Roger came later, sent food home with him. Mr Ray didn't tell him we were having dinner, shame on him.But Ray did go look for him.
Didn't get any pictures of the dinner but here is one of Ray and Vern.

Anyway it was a good stay, but now its time to move on and see other sites. Not sure what time we are leaving in the morning but it will be before noon. have to go dump and get water.
We are off to Surprise AZ heading to Blythe and then to Wickenburg .

more of trip to slabs

Finally got the blog to work again, not sure what was wrong but havn't been able to get it to work
so here is photos of Beatty the place we parked

The candy place

The free parking is right across the post office

We left there and went to Death Valley Junction wow what a depressing little place that was, altho not much there

There is a old motel which must of been pretty at one time along with a opera house. we didn't get out as we wanted to get going. lot of the buildings that were there were old and abandoned. kind of sad to see stuff like that.

And then we went to Amboy Ca. Nevada wanted to be sure and see this town as he had read about it so click on

Lots of towns in between but won't bore you with all of them.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Heading to the Slabs in Niland Cal

12/22/2006 (click on photos for larger size)

Well we finally got started at 11:30 this morning, took longer to get going than we thought it would, Had to load the rest of the stuff up, and then had to turn all the elec off in the rooms. Shut the water off, put pink stuff in all the traps and toilets. Nevada had to put the chains across the driveways, about the time he was doing that a guy came and took a brochure out of our For Sale , He took it and left and then pretty soon he came back and asked whether we were the owners and i said yes, he asked a few questions and then said he had called about the property next door meaning the restaurant wanting to know if we also owned it. I said no, he left again and then came back asked us about were we can be reached if he wanted to make an offer, so i told him were we would be in Jan. or there abouts.wanted to know if there was going to be a fax. Now that would be great to have him make an offer we can live with. Maybe the money guys are thinking of what to do with there money at the end of the yr....

Anyway we headed for Burns, the weather was perfect sunshine and clear skies. We decided to take 205 and head for the Steens Mt. glad we did, the roads were perfect, a little bit of snow on the side of the roads, a few up on the roads as we were going up, but they had sanded and it wasn't bad. Couldn't ask for a better trip so far. We are about 98 miles from Winnemucca, its dark and we decided to stop and eat, we saw a rest area and so pulled in. Not a sole here. So decided that we might as well stop here for the night. Not all that fond of driving in the dark. Roads seem too be pretty quiet. Hopefully it doesn't get too cold here, suppose to get down to 10 in Winnemucca tonight so who knows what its going to be here. Not putting the slides out either.

Princess is doing really well for her first long trip, first time she has been in the carrier for this many hours. we did stop at Riley in there big lot there and i let her out to get some excercise, and to potty, well guess what, we were there for 15 minutes and nope no potty, as i once said i was paper training her, the doggy pee pads. would she potty ourside? NO she came in, i took the pee pad out and away she went. So this will be interesting to see if she will go outside to do her business when i let her out.

Well will close for now, cold in the living room, as the heater is right next to the slide out. so no heat getting in here, guess i will go dig out the elec heater since we have the gen on.

Till tomorrow.


Wow what a night we had, we stopped at the rest area and decided to spend the night there, watched a movie went to bed at 9 too early for me but nothing else to do, never could go to sleep, way too cold, even with the heater and the propane on, had the gen on. About 11 Nevada said i can't sleep lets go on down the road, so we did, temp was 15 degrees. Roads were clear but we still drove slow just in case of deer, man there were a lot of rabbits out.

We drove into Winnemucca, what a neat place to see at x-mas time. all the trees along the road were lit up with lights, temp was 10 degrees there and it was frosty and snowy there all the trees were all frosted what a beautiful site that was. We ended up driving to Mills City truck stop, were we ate breakfast at 3 am. at the Fork in the Road, also Mr B's Casino along with a TA truck stop.

We just left Fallon Nevada, boy the weather couldn't be better, sunshine all the way so far, other than the cold night its perfect.

Princess is such a good little traveler now, she doesn't slobber anymore and she likes to sleep on the back of my chair on my neck, Not the greatest for my neck. Tried taking her out to potty again but she has no part of that, likes to sniff the ground and come in and use her pee pads LOL

We got to Walker Lake, Nevada hates going around lakes in cold weather, but the roads are good, no snow, no wind, couldn't of asked for a better day.

Here are some photos of the

furry kids riding in the motor home, each has a place that they prefer.

This is Buttercup and Oliver

Here is Smiley on the little couch that i have sitting on the bed when traveling

We are now in Beatty Nevada. At the Death Valley INN and Candy Company, to get gas, but it got to be late so we decided we better look for a place to park it. So we went in and got some candy, Yummmy. too much to choose from, would of been nice to have a bite of each. Anyway we asked the guy at the counter about a place to park, he told us of a few campgrounds around here. But then he said now if you want cheap camping with nothing, he said your welcome to park across the street in the empty lot, well there is a place that looks like a car savage place and just after that is an empty lot with some trees around it, found the perfect spot to set up house. Even put the slides out tonight which everyone is happy about. more room to rumble.

Hope that i can sleep better tonight than i have the last 3 nights, i am so tired, but not going to bed yet, too early, Nevada said we will leave early in the morning.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Merry X-mas to all

Nevada & I would like to wish you all a very Merry X-mas.

We will be leaving for AZ Friday the 22nd and heading to Niland Ca. to the slabs. we are hopeing to meet some of the other fellow rver's, and Rich and Mary, and Rayhound.

From there we will head to Surprise Az. to see Ken and Bonnie for a day or two, and visit that area of things to do. I hope to be able to get connected to the internet so that i can do my blog, so check in once inawhile .
I am getting excited about going, i don't think we will make it to the slabs by x-mas, but at least we will be out of here, sure am looking forward for warmer weather.

Almost have the motor home loaded and ready to go. Have to take it in tomorrow for a oil change, we didn't get that done when we got back from our sept trip, that has to be done. At that time we will fill up the tanks, gas has already gone up, it is $2.65 as of today. who knows what it will be tomorrow.

Our ending destination is Quartzite and Yuma. and then back home. planning to be back the end of Jan.
Should be interesting as now we are also traveling with our little Princess Cocoa. and all the 10 cats. Someone is going to have to make some attitude adjustments thats for sure. All the cats are still not too sure about this furry fluff ball, who has one big furious bark and attitude.

Friday she went to the dr for her 2nd shot and she did well, didn't get sick or nothing so that is good. Will have to find a dr along the way so that she can get her next puppy shot. The dr gave us all the records of what she has had and what she will need. Will wait to get the rabie shot when we get back. But she does have to have the other one before then.

So hope you all have a safe and Happy and prosperous x-mas and New Year
Lilli & Nevada

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Mt Bachelor CLick on here

Today we decided to take a drive to Mt Bachelor to s
ee how much snow was up there. I always like that drive. Lots of people comeing down the road, being it is a sunday i guess they are all heading back to were ever they live, roads weren't bad, few places had ice pack.

This is going up to the lodge, you can see how much snow is on the side of the road.

Here is a guy at the lodge, parking lot, off at a distance running his truck like an idiot, running back and forth, altho i think he was crazy he looked like he was having a really good time.He did get a little too close to some of the rigs on his way back were most of the cars were parked. I was really surprised that someone didn't come and tell him to knock it off.

Looks like everyone is having a good time being pulled up with there innertubes and then coming down the hill. It was a foggy afternoon and it looked like they may of had freezing rain as the cars windows were all full of ice.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

X-mas Parade in Bend

Today Princess had a Dr. Appt. was suppose to go and have some more puppy sho
ts, but the vet decided that since she was due to have another shot at 11 weeks that it would be best to wait and have them all together, cheaper on the pocket book as well. So she has to go back next friday...
She did give her an exam and everything sounded really good, her weight is 3.25# i never thought she would weigh that much, cause she is so tiny.

Her and the cats are getting along a lot better now, altho there
is still a few that don't want to get too close unless she is sleeping, and then they go and sniff her.
Here she is with Tittertat, haveing a tug of war with a string and a toy at the end. Actually shocked me when Tittertat came out from the coffee table and started playing
with her.

Oliver the other big cat also has stopped hissing every time she looks at him, now has come to at least swat her gentley on the butt every chance he gets. Noses have touched and well the behinder has all been checked out as well, so i guess all is good in that department. LOL
Since i am paper potting training, the cats have taken upon themselves to make a total mess of the papers, as they want to cover up her soiled area. Tried to get her to use the cat litter with a box of her own but, she is not having any of that yet , she thinks that its suppose to be eaten.

Today was the x-mas parade for Bend Or.Christmas Parade
I took her with us because I new it would last too long to leave her home, and i wanted to get her acuainted with
crowds and noise. And she was a really good little girl, i had her wrapped in a towel in my coat so she wouldn't get cold, Boy she got lots of looks and praise for such a cute little dog, Gals and guys that are single, get you a cute little puppy, and i bet that is one good way to meet a nice single girl/guy for sure.

Here is a few photos of the parade, since i was holding the dog, Nevada was taking pictures, which most turned out blurry. Hopefully they will have the photos put in the website by tomorrow, or in a few days. It has been the first parade we have attended since we moved to Bend. The weather was actually really nice, a bit windy,56 degrees, couldn't really ask for a better winter day.

She ended up going to sleep for awhile till the band came, and well, she does not like band music. I have to say that it was a bit loud as well. Actually, they also had the motorcycle group there and they were reving up there engines. She didn't like that either. They had lots of dogs in the parade as well..... All in all it was a good parade. And i also remember how it was when the kids were little and we had to carry them for several hours. My arms are killing me. We left the parade and went to Walmart and bought a doggy case to pack her around in.