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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Parade

We watched them dancing in the square click on dancing and it should open to the dance, don't know have not tried that yet.
Here is the 6 girls that sing in German / English the little one was so cute saying her ABC's in German
These guys were real good, took a lot of energy to dance with those benches, i should do a short clip of that.
And here is some photos of the parade.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Nutcracker Museum

So i love my new camera, as i can take short clips and this is the first one that i have had that i can put on here, boy took a long time to do that but i think once i get to faster internet it won't take as long. So this is one of the songs he played. Nice that blogger allows us to do this.

May have to do another one tomorrow.
Today we did go to the NutCracker Museum didn't allow us to take photos of them behind the glass, but did a get a few of the ones that you could take like the really big ones not behind the glass cases.Never new there was so many, i think she said they had over 5,000 and some were extremely old.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Town of Leavenworth

Well today we finally made it into town, Here is the trolly that we took from Safeway which is right across the street from our RV park. Heck should of went on the trolly first before paying for a whole week at the park. The driver told us that there are two places in town that you can park which is dry camping, but they only charge around $10 a day. Oh well, But remember that if you end up ever coming to this town.
Here is a horse carriage that goes thru town, but not sure what they charge to ride it. I sort of felt sorry for the horse as he was just going around and around. Loved listening to his hoof's clamoring on the pavement.

Can't remember his name but he was on the city square seeing and playing from 11 am to 2 pm, not bad either. Said that he travels all over seeing and playing at festivals
Just some scenery of the buildings there. I am not a shopper and all of thesre places are mostly shops, other than the motels and hotels. which is a lot.
I thought these were so pretty, but then the whole place has so many beautiful flowers, hard to choose which is the best.
So the end of the day we decided that we had better try some dinner, being a full blooded german from the old country i wanted to see what the food was like. So i told Nevada to have the Sourbraten , well i have to say that mother made it so much better
I had the Wienershnitzel, again i have to say it was not like what i was used too. So maybe tomorrow we will try another restaurant and another dish.
Going in the morning to the bakery they say it is good, i would love to try there breakfast rolls, along with a original breads, and real pumpernickel bread.
But definitely no more shopping. Although i have to really think about getting a doll. They have these beautiful dolls large ones for such a cheap price. Its hard to not get one. But then what would i do with it if we have to move?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Smallwood's Harvest Fun Farm

Don't know what this plant is but it sure was pretty and soft. Do you know what it is?
Smallwood's harvest

They had a Petty Zoo there as well, didn't go in to see what they had but it sure looked like the kids were enjoying it.
Sure was a big Rooster Ha? Bo y they had so much stuff inside that it was hard to pick out any special thing, They had everything you could possibly want when it comes to canning or otherwise. Store was huge.
Definitely geared towards kids and i think the adults all enjoyed this as well.
Lots of photos was being taken, they also looked like they had a rv park there at one time, as there was a lot of hookups there, maybe during the festival they close it. Should of asked.
This was so interesting the way they had this, the colors were so bright

Yesterday we drove to the fruit stand that we saw as we came into town, What a neat place this is, i wonder how come we don't have anything like that in Bend.
Tomorrow we hope to go into town as we have been here for days now and have not gone into town, They have a trolly that take you into town, Safeway is right across the street from the Rv park so will catch a ride there tomorrow. Princess was sick today and so thought i would stay here to watch her, something she must of ate yesterday didn't agree with her early this morning. Yuck ! She is better tonight.
Alpine View Rv Park
Also decided to stay here for the next week so we can take in the Autumn Festival so the rv park had to move us as they said they were full this weekend. Can't say too many good things about the way this place is run. But it has wifi and another good reason to move as now i do have better connection then i did were we first were parked..

Weather has been cold early in the morning but still nice at night were a jacket is all you need.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Biggs Junction

9/24/2007 Top photo is Barge on Columbia Gorge
We left Biggs Junction this morning at 9 am were we spent the night,Actually it was at Rufus, we had spent the night there
once before up on the hill ,its a dead end, but the wind was blowing so hard that we parked in
the truck parking lot across the street from the Shell station, kind of bumpy parking lot but was
pretty level, some folks from Mo also pulled in with a trailer, The guy asked us if we were
parking there for the night, we said yes, he said his wife was sort of scared to do that but he
thought since we were there she would feel better, so they too spent the night.

Was going to stay at the park but it was all full.
Boy had no idea that Washington was so mountainous. But we have been slowly climbing up.
We drove thru the town of Toppenish it says town of many Muriels so took a bunch of photos there. Yup and definite
Indian Reservation with many indians.

Then we stopped along the road were we noticed a sign for fruit, yeh lots of stuff to buy there,even bought Princess a bag
of mixed treats for dogs.

We then continued on to Ellensberg, a sign said rest area with wifi hot spot, Selah Creek Rest area yehhhh! Nevada pulled over.... Nope! no hot spot there,
But low and behold there was free Rv dumping so will have to report that to the dump station group. well they might already know, the signs did say watch out for rattlesnakes.
Anyway not too far from Leavenworth now.

Well we made it to Leavenworth, wow neat old town, great buildings, can't wait to see the rest of it, we went thru town and looked
for a campground but didn't find one on the main drag, so Nevada saw National Forest sign and kept driving so here we are several
miles from town.At a campground called Tumwater campground, nice park but no one here, i think we saw maybe 3 rigs before
we settled in for the night. Maybe more came later i don't know but sure is quiete around here, Price is $16 but with golden age
card only half, may decide to stay again altho it is a long way from town, will have to go see if we can rent a car tomorrow. Or find
a campground closer to town were we can walk. Got some really great shots of the fall leaves and walked down to the river,
Princess had a ball down there. I also got some photos of the leaves changing with the reflections on the water..

Well its cold enough here tonight that i may have to run the heater earlier than usual. have it on right now but will turn it off when i
go to bed.But it is pretty chilly here.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Heading to Winchester Bay

Here is Precious all comfy in the motor home relaxed as we are driving down the road, HMMM i bought this rug but its not very good as when the slide is in, the rug curls up, i didn't think it would be this bad, oh well, it is walking all over the floor, even when the slides are out.Driving me crazy.

Well we finally got started on the road to our vacation, sure took a long time to do that. Oh well here we are on the road to Winchester Bay,
along with Rayhound, accept we almost didn't get him, Last night i asked Nevada to make sure that he puts him in the motor home, never
thought another thing about it, till we headed out of town, got to the lava beds and i said you did get Ray right? He said no i forgot! What!!!
how could you do that after i asked you, he said well you didn't ask this morning! MEN!
Anyway had to call my son to get to him and bring him out to us.

So finally on the road, the drive was beautiful. nice weather, sunny and not too hot.
We got to Winston and saw a lot of smoke coming from the hills, sure was a big one too.someone told us it was a field fire. Sure was big.

Got the GPS Streets and maps on the puter, boy hate to think if you were really hard of hearing you would never here that thing. Good thing
it prints it on the screen as well. definitly one that would be hard for one person to use, if you were hard of hearing.

Finally got to Winchester Bay and found Mary & Rich will stay here for a couple of days. and then head to Leavenworth.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Grandkids came for a visit

Here is Hudson, Dad, & Morgan

Sure has been a long time since i have seen my 2 grandkids. My son Jan's oldest kids. Now that he has moved here with us i hope that i will see them more often, but my goodness i had forgotten what a teenager is like. Oh my gosh some getting used too. My granddaughter is 14 my little girl no longer.

So they wore us out yesterday, we started off going to Peterson's Rock Garden
Although i have shared this place on here before i thought i would
share a few more photos.
Yes those are sea Shells, i have no idea were he got such big ones. If you click on the photos they become larger.
This is a large Clam, i don't ever remember seeing anything this big before. Can you imagine the meat in that one?
Well i did have to take a photo of the momma Peacock and her two babies, i must say they peacocks were not in very good shape, they were losing all there feathers, so no pretty fans this time.Here is Grandson Hudson showing off his greatness. He is quite a character
After that we went to the Funny Farm. but will end now and leave that for tomorrow

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Burning man

Yes, this is an honest-to-goodness motorhome. Put a key in the ignition, turn it, and drive this double-decker down the highway. But be sure to watch out for low overpasses. This "RV" was seen at the 2007 Burning Man celebration in northern Nevada.

Be sure to click on the link so you can read about the this amazing event that happens every yr.
Anyway i thought i would share this with you all if you have never seen this before, Not something i am interested in seeing. We get plenty of people coming through here, that go there. It was a surprise to me the first time. And really amazing how many people of all walks of life go there and let there hair down.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

UPS messes up

Yesterday UPS was suppose to have our tow bars delivered.No delivery, I emailed Sharon and told her it didn't come, so she called UPS and they told her that it hadn't been sent out. Well she did some yelling and told them that they said no later than Wed it would be there. The gal at the UPS told Sharon that her husband told her there was no hurry, that we didn't need it till the end of the month, what a lie that was, She told her that we had made appointment with the hitch place so we needed that tow bar, so they new they had all the parts.
Well to make a long story short, the lady at UPS decided to drive it here to Bend from McMinnville that same day. Boy that was a long day for her. She delivered the tow bars at 6 pm . Now that is service for ya. But i think she new she screwed up otherwise she wouldn't of done that.
So today we got the Jeep in and they got the Base Plate put on, all the pieces were there so no problem. Here is the finished product.

So tonight i did my worst hated job ever. Cleaning the Refrigerator, I just hate it, also hate cleaning the oven. Does anyone else hate cleaning them?. My next stove is going to have a self cleaning oven for sure.
But gosh that fridge has things growing in it. Yikes!! Wonder if it is any good for penicillin.LOL

Well i would of taken a photo but i am sure that there has to be others out there that have a messy over neglected refrigerator and really don't want to see mine. Nope i am not going to clean the oven.

Trying to get everything together so that i will be ready to leave next week for vacation. I am so ready to get away.

Got some canned goods in the motor home tonight. At least the motor home is clean now.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Camera Finally

Finally my new camera, i got one Horray! I am so happy Accept now i have to learn to use it. It's a Panasonic, Lumix
I think that the photos are very good so far have not taken many, just testing on different settings, one of the settings i was doing was a vedio that was neat. Did try to send it tho but was awfully a long time to download, so will have
to read up on that and see if there's a short cut to do that.
Here is a photo of Princess, with my son's foot in the way.LOL
This is my son, Jan holding baby Jayden, need to get a better photo of the baby, Maybe tomorrow as i have a hard time seeing what the letters on the camera are. One bad thing about small cameras, Guess its time to think about reading glasses.