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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Todays Flower

If you look close you can see a lonely butterfly , actually there was a lot of butterflies but that is the only one i could get.
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Monday, November 09, 2009

Meme's combined in this post/Hole in the Rock

Click on the top name to get the photos of the inside of the house in the rock
Because i wanted to put this set of photos all together i decided to put all the memes i am on together on this post so please check out all the meme;s on the side bar .

If ever in the Utah area and want to see a artsy place please be sure and check out Hole in the Rock,Several yrs ago we stopped here and they allowed you to tour the inside of the house in the rock,which they still do have tours but your not allowed to take photos anymore so click here to see some photos that is on there website to see a few of the photos they have posted. The lady there said they don't allow it anymore because of the tourist taking the pictures decided to sell some of the photos for profit so that is why they don't allow it anymore
Click on the photos to enlarge them the details are amazing

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Watery Wed/Wolverton Mill

Hanksville Utah
Wikipedia information:

Hanksville is a small town in Wayne County, Utah, United States, at the junction of State Routes 24 and 95. The town is just south of the confluence of the Fremont River and Muddy Creek, which together form the Dirty Devil River, which then flows southeast to the Colorado River. Its population was estimated at 203 in 2006.[1]

The town was settled in 1882, and known for a time for the name given to the surrounding area, Graves Valley. It took the name of Hanksville in 1885, after Ebenezer Hanks, who was the leader of the group of pioneers who established the small Mormon settlement.[citation needed] It was not incorporated until January 6, 1999.[2]

The REA brought electricity to the community in 1960. Today agriculture, mining, and tourism are the main drivers to the local economy. Tourism is particularly important with people coming for recreation at Lake Powell, Capitol Reef National Park, the Henry Mountains, the San Rafael Swell, Goblin Valley State Park, and the solitude of the surrounding deserts and slot canyons.

Hanksville was a supply post for Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch, who would hide out at Robbers Roost in the desert southeast of town.

During the uranium mining frenzy following World War II, Hanksville became a supply center for the prospectors and miners scouring the deserts of the Colorado Plateau. Many abandoned mines can be found in the deserts surrounding the town.

The Hanksville-Burpee Quarry is located nearby and the Mars Desert Research Station is located seven miles northwest of town.

Dirty Devil River

This is the gas station and grocery store pretty neat that they built this in the rock. Be sure to come back when i post about another interesting place built in a rock
Click here for more information on the history of this mill

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Monday, November 02, 2009

This is My World/Dinosaur Museum

Our next adventure was stopping at the Dinosaur Museum
The Dinosaur Museum is in the city of Blanding, Utah, which is located in beautiful San Juan County. The vacation spots of Moab City and Arches National Park are to the north, and historic Bluff and Monument Valley are to the south. Fresh air, spectacular scenery, and rich cultural experiences await the traveler to this region.

I won't bore you too much with photos of dinosaurs as some may not be interested and if you are i am sure you have seen a few. But did want to show a few things of interest.

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Ok so my question has always been, how did they come up with those names that one can not pronounce? you know there was no writting back in those days so why are they named such long names?

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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday/Natural Bridges Monument

Well there are several Bridges. But the hiker i am not, specially when it comes to high places i was too chicken to find them. This one is one you could see from the observation deck so that is why your getting a photo of it.

Owachomo Bridge

Owachomo is the smallest and thinnest of the three natural bridges here and is commonly thought to be the oldest. We may never know for certain, as each of the bridges certainly have eroded at different rates. Regardless of its relative age, it is certainly the most fragile and elegant of the three spans, and an awe inspiring feature of erosion.


Owachomo means "rock mound" in Hopi and is named after the rock formation on top of the east end of the bridge. Before William Douglas gave it this name in 1908, it was called "Edwin" or "Little" bridge. Prior to that, it was referred to as "Congressman" by miner and explorer Cass Hite.

Early in the Monument's development, a dirt road led to Owachomo bridge from the south. It ended at the campground and ranger station directly southwest of the bridge. There were no other roads, and visitors seeking the other two bridges hiked or rode horses through the rugged canyons, often guided by the first "custodian" of the National Monument, Ezekial "Zeke" Johnson. Today, remnants of "Zeke's trail", now on the National Register of Historic Places, can still be seen just across the canyon below Owachomo.

And here is the Bridge i took
And here is my contribution to Yellow Mellow Monday.A lonely flower
And some yellowing on the tree in the distance
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Camera Critters/Capital Reef NP

So we can't leave Princess out of the trip so here she is, doesn't she look like she is having a good time?

We never expected to see any deer but here we had a few jump in front of us, hard to see as i wasn't really prepared with the camera.
Beautiful rock formations
Well Brooster finally got big enough to put her in a hammock . Kittens love these in there cages, they have more fun in those. Isn't she a cutie?
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