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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Drive to Oakridge & Westfir Oregon

Well this morning we decided to head over to Oakridge, Nevada's brother lives over there in Westfir.We have been trying to get over there, this morning everyone left out of here by 9 am so decided to just go. His brother has had 2 strokes and seems to have a anerism that they can't operate on. Well the drive was nice till we got past Williamtte Pass ski resort. then the rains started, i knew i didn't like it over there this time of yr. A much differant climate than here in the high desert.
This is the drive down there,
yup fog in the distance. YUK!
So we get to Westfir only a short drive from Oakridge, we didn't call his brother to say we were coming )-: anyway they weren't home, so much for a trip
to visit, we were concerned that he may of gone to the hospital, but called his sister in law and said that he wasn't so all was ok.
Andyway on the way home we stopped and took some more photos

Here is a covered bridge in Westfir, nice well kept bridge

Across the street is the Westfir Lodge a Bed & Breakfast
Be sure to check the website out
, it is also for sale, with a virtual tour of the house, fabulous.Click on the sale ad.
and then virtual tour.

We then stopped at Blue Pool campground which is closed. Check out the web for that.
It will take some time i think for them to clean that place up

Here is a couple of trees down nope you can't get past that
right now.
Here is the pool i guess not very blue right now is it?

So we left there and headed up the road, we saw this water fall Salt Creek Falls that we couldn't stop at becuase of the snow, but be sure that if your in the area stop and look at it also click on the link.
And here is another water scene i took, sure wish i had one of those good cameras i could zoom in on . Oh well sometime soon.
Well that is about it for now, hope i didn't bore you all too much, i hope that you enjoy the photos and the links.

Friday, March 30, 2007

another week is over

Pictures of the week
Here is Casey hiding from Princess, just so he can get some good sleep, He has been jumping up there for a few days, hiding.Plus its warm up there.

And here is Princess, looking at me, and if you look real close, she has her tongue sticking out.

Another week has come and gone, Friday already, Spring break is over for Oregon anyway, not sure about the others, I think California starts theres around Easter not sure.
Slow and uneventful week.The weather was nice today tho, but suppose to change this weekend.
Maybe will go for a drive tomorrow, i feel house bound again, can't wait to go camping sometime. SOON i hope.

Anyone do any camping lately? Around here its still a bit cold, but have had people here this week that were tenting it. Gosh i don't think of that as being much fun.
Give me the comforts of my motorhome.

Well maybe tomorrow we can do something fun even if its just to take a drive.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Drive to Sisters Or

This morning i woke to rain, yuk! The sky was all gray and dreary l
ooking. So we decided to get some cat food and get that over with. But by the time we got back home it had started to clear up, so we decided to take a drive to Sisters. Stopped to take a photo of the mountains in the distance.To your left is Broken top, and then the 3 sistersWe stopped to see the Elk but they were too far off in the distant so didn't get to see them. Last week someone cut the fence and a few got out.But they got them all rounded up and put back.Can't understand why people would do that?
So then we turned around and took anot
her road to take the few in. Stopped at this place off the side of the road with creek, so had to stop and check it out.

Princess decided to test the
water, she stuck her feet in
and took it out just about as fast,
Guess it must of been pretty
cold. We ended up driving up
as far as we could when we finally ran into snow, there were a few rigs with snowmobiles up there and they had the
road blocked so we couldn't go any further even if we wanted too. So we decided to head on back, on the way down the phone rang to let me know there had been a call, it was from Jaynee and Rich, they were at LaPine State Park, they had planned on being there the day before but didn't make it,so i figured that they were heading on home, so i was very surprised to hear from them. So i called them back and told them that we would stop and get a bite to eat and then head that way.
So stopped at Sisters and got hamburger and headed to La Pine State Park.

Here is Jaynee as we drove into there campsite I think she was on the computer doing some burning of a CD for the camphost.
We had a great visit with them. Richard and Nevada had worked together some 20 yrs back and havn't seen each for at least that long, So they did a lot of catching up. Strange how one finds each other thru the internet, Had she not
joined my yahoo group, we probably wouldn't of found each other.

La Pine State Park, Central Cascade Range, Oregon

Check this site out for what to do there.
Anyway here is a photo of Jaynee & Richard and there dog

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dreaded day

Well Friday was a day for the big M, gosh i wonder
if having your Boob smashed to no end is good for you?. After the report of Elizabeth Edwards i guess we all need to make sure we have it done.It has been 5 yrs since i have had it done. Bad girl. But you know how things are, time flips by.I have to tell ya about this lady that was there, while i was sitting there waiting to make sure they didn't have to do another x-ray, she looked at me and said, I have always wanted to ask someone that was bigger than me"does it hurt just as much for bigger boobs as it does for little ones like mine"? Well i really didn't know what to say to her accept, i guess no matter what size, it just flat hurts!!
So just a reminder to ya ladies make sure you have it done if its been awhile.Oh and i hear men should as w

Todays photo is Sisterly love : Samont & Jenny
They don't do this too often.
So today being sat, and not too bad a day out, we decided to wash the Envoy, cleaned the inside and while i thought about it , i told Nevada that he needed to adjust the door as he has been putting it off, it has never been right from the time we bought it, which me always nagging to take it back before the warrenty was up, but nope he insisting that he can do without a problem. Well there was a problem. he took the bolt off too much and it fell in between the door. Not sure how to explain this one. So he ended up drilling a hole thinking he was going to be able to reach it that way. Nope can't do that. So here he is telling me that he isn't sure how he is going to fix it. door of course won't close so you can't drive it that way. Well about 3 hours later he finally found another bolt that he could use and got it fixed. A whole day wasted trying to fix a door that i am sure they could of fixed in no time flat had he only listened to me in the first place. Why are men so darn stubborn?
Well so much for getting the motorhome washed today, suppose to rain by tomorrow so guess it will have to wait another few days.
Oh i wish i could go camping.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Surveyor today

Picutre of the day,Wouldn't it be great to be able to be this relaxed and sleeping?
Oliver on top of Casey.
Today the surveyor came out to mark were the property line is so it is more visiable to who ever is wanting to know. Not sure when they are doing an arial survey, but he said he was having that done as well.
The fellow that was interested in the property awhile back stopped back in, he owns a furniture store in town and really would love to have this for his store, but i guess he can't get enough money together. He has been here about 5 times now. Said he was going to talk to one his asian friends and see what they can come up with. He is a nice fellow and we would like to see him have it but, if he wa
nts it bad enough he would of made an offer.
Sure got cold today, had some hale too.

Here is Princess and Casey on the coffee table. Does he love this dog or what?He really is so good with her.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring has sprung

Sat, another great day of lots of sunshine and warm temperature, it got over 70 today not sure how warm it got, but it was nice. Took a stroll around the yard, and went to my bulb bed, and to my surprise there stood my tall and beautiful yellow Daffodiles. Nice to see them out, the tulips are not too far behind them. Oh and the Crocus is out as well. Sure is sad tho that none of these last very long.

Didn't do much today, Nevada worked in the motor home trying to get the last drawer done, not a big drawer cause the sink is in the way but bigger than what was there, You know the kind that only the front opens with this tiny tray in it that you can't put nothing in. The other top drawer is a bit bigger but again the sink was in the way. at least this one was wider. It will hold some of my spices.. What i would really like to have is a spice rack i can put on the wall but there just isn't any room there.
Well here is Princess and Casey playing, Notice how Princess is reared up, this is how she approaches the cats. He is so good with playing with her,

Here they are playing on the bed.
Well its time to go to bed another weekend has passed, weather is going to change they say.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Sign went up today on the property

Well today the sign went up. It is a much better sign then what the other realtor had up there, this one is at an angle so you can see it from both sides.Now hopefully all is good, also has it listed in the MLS site, they also put on there that the motel was open which was good idea.

Today i decided to shampoo the carpet, it sure was dirty, can't imagine having white carpet UGH !never again. Nevada is still working on the drawers in the motor home said he has had to redo most of them, so may be i will have more room in the drawers.
Princess didn't like having a wet carpet so she has been laying on anything that she can that doesn't have carpet.Here she is laying on the edge of my chair just sound asleep.

My granddaughter the mechanic

This is my grandaughter Cora,
Just got these photos this morning so had to share them with you all, She is Daddy's girl for sure

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Listing of property

Todays photo is Brotherly love: This is Smiley and Casey hugging each other and Samont laying on top
Well we finally did it, we listed again with a realtor on the sat the 10th, i sure hope that we get some response on it this time, this realtor seams to be so much better and more informed than the last one we had.
He seems to know what is going on around here anyway, he told us that Sonic was going in and a bank next door towards Empire, and of course that car was should be opening up soon, so that should give more incentive for this place, he wouldn't tell us what would be going in were the restuarant is, but somthing is.
So now we are at a standstill again as to what to do, do we start having garage sales to get rid of some stuff, or do we wait, Boy do we have a lot of stuff to get rid of, we pretty much know it isn't going to be sold as a motel, so all of the stuff in the rooms are going to have to be sold, so maybe we should wait till we have a good offer and then go from there and just do it all at one time.
Getting rid of things in the house is another story, Today Nevada decided to start working more in the motor home so that we know what room we will need and have, we took one of the chairs out, didn't use it anyway, we had a toy chest that we put in, it can be used for a seat and to store more things in. I figure if i can get what i need in the motor home now the rest can be gotten rid of.
Will put the desk computer in the bedroom on the desk, Nevada will build another shelf so that i can put the printer and the scanner on it. Right now he is working on the drawers in the kitchen as two of them were still half size, gosh they sure went cheapo in the kitchen. I have no place for nothing. So adding more to the drawers i can at least have more room for storage and one drawer just for spices.
Well if nothing else we are makeing more room for down the line even if we don't sell.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

John Day Fossil Bed The Clarno Unit

March 5,2007
We decided to take a drive to Condon Oregon, to check out a RV park that was for sale, and on the way we sort of took the wrong road, as it was a crooked and slow type of road, sure wouldn't want to take the motor home on it. However it was a nice drive.
So on the way we came to the John Day Fossil Bed Monument, we have never been here before, have been to the Painted hills. Anyway I wish we would of had more time as it would of been interesting to go on some of the trails they have. Maybe another time when we can go and take our time, Be sure if your in the area take a tour of it, also check out the header as it will open the web page for this site. great history.
Anyway we seen the RV park but its not for us, don't think the town gets too much business, and well just looks like too much work to make it look good, altho it does have the friendliest people in town, Population 750 sometimes. Basically a farming community.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Silver Lake Or.

Took a drive to Silver Lake, thought about a get together with some of the rver's in that area, and then doing a dinner at the Cowboy Dinner Tree
That is were you get a 26 to 30 oz steak or a whole chicken, Price is so reasonable. They serve you so much food before the steak and chicken that you end up taking the steak home and having several meals on that one steak. Please read the link to the restaurant as you need to know some things before going there.
Also wanted to get a photo of the Rv parking that they have across the road.Doesn't look all that good right now but much better in the spring.
We also took a drive to Silver Lake Marsh Campground but it was so snowed in that we couldn't get there, so no photo of that right now.