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Sunday, March 11, 2007

John Day Fossil Bed The Clarno Unit

March 5,2007
We decided to take a drive to Condon Oregon, to check out a RV park that was for sale, and on the way we sort of took the wrong road, as it was a crooked and slow type of road, sure wouldn't want to take the motor home on it. However it was a nice drive.
So on the way we came to the John Day Fossil Bed Monument, we have never been here before, have been to the Painted hills. Anyway I wish we would of had more time as it would of been interesting to go on some of the trails they have. Maybe another time when we can go and take our time, Be sure if your in the area take a tour of it, also check out the header as it will open the web page for this site. great history.
Anyway we seen the RV park but its not for us, don't think the town gets too much business, and well just looks like too much work to make it look good, altho it does have the friendliest people in town, Population 750 sometimes. Basically a farming community.


Anonymous said...

Lilli & Nevada,
I just read your blog and liked it a whole bunch...first one I've actually gone to see, and been able to find...yours was easy to find and easy to read...keep up the good work...Hugs Always Viv...aka JourneyOne...

Lilli & Nevada said...

Thanks Viv,
I am glad that you finally was able to get too it. Did you find yourself in here Under "We are here at the slabs"
Did you find a Provost yet?
Hugs back to ya,

Claral said...

Keep up the good work.