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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sky watch friday

Grandson Hudson snowboarding on Mt Bachelor skiing is all over with
I will be gone for a few days and will catch up when i get back, Have a good weekend

click on photo for better viewingView from top of Mt Bachelor
Another view looks like the peaks of the mountain almost touching the sky

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jakes Diner

So this past weekend the grandkids were here for the 3 day weekend, so apologies for not getting to everyones blog yet.

We all went to breakfast Monday at Jakes Diner, which originally was a truck stop in town, but several yrs ago the truck stop was tore down but Jakes Diner continued on in a new location. They have always been known for there large servings of food, so here is an example of Grandson's breakfast, 2 pancakes and 3 sausages and two eggs he gave the eggs to his dad as he don't like them. The bet was $5 that he couldn't eat it all. Yup he lost. If you ever get to Bend and love large portions of food, yes you can order one and split it.
This was my Omlete with Hollandaise sauce on it this is there small portion, the large portion has 6 eggs.
And this was Nevada's egg scramble can't remember what they called it but it had everything but the kitchen sink in it.LOL Forgot to take photo of the bread we got but they were big too. Nope we couldn't eat it all either.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Camera Critters

This is Jenny carrying her bunny baby, at night we have to separate her and the boys because they pick on each other so Bunny has become Jenny's baby , i put her and the bunny in the laundry/office room at night and in the morning she has the bunny laying by the door, then when we let her in she will bring the bunny back in the house.And here is Precious i got a close up shot of her and thought it was a cute shot with her round eyes.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sky watch Friday

I took these on 5-15-08 yes Tom i saved some great shots just for tonight

Click on photos for better viewing

Wednesday night sky colors

Well i decided to take more photos of our skies tonight as they are too pretty to by pass, so here are a few more . Never know when we are going to have a boring sky. Today tho the weather was extremely cold and windy,they say snow in some areas and freezing temp, specially in LaPine area. Click on photos for better viewing
And then it changed to this

And then i took a photo of these wild flowers, don't know what they are called but they are pretty.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beautiful Sky/Sonic

Ok well i am not sure i like there opening, what a pain in the hiney and i am being very nice on how i really want to say this.....
There driving thru my parking lot, there parking in my spaces and leaving there cars here, there bringing the food over and eating in my parking lot. No i am not a happy motel owner. So if you ever have a Sonic going in next door to ya Grab the owners and make stricked rules, or if your going to visit an opening of a Sonics please respect other peoples property.
We finally had to put our rig in the driveway, a wheel barrel and a sign and i'll be damned if they still didn't try to go thru.
The owners told us after me bitching that it won't be this way all the time accept the next two weeks. Well guess i am going to have to put up ropes. I told them i have been very patient for the last 3 months but i am losing patients. They did make up a sign to put in our entrance, Motel parking only. Don't do much good But they are trying ......
OH HUM!!!! Again loss of income

Monday, May 19, 2008

Seeding time

Thought this was worth sharing this time of yr, since seeds is what we are all planting now. Click on photo for better viewing

Sunday, May 18, 2008

This & That

Tonights moon was spectacular along with the sky, but will post the sky at another time Click on photos for better viewingIf you been watching my blog you know that Sonic has been building next door to us, well Monday the 19th tomorrow they are hoping to open, I took this photo Sat night as they were putting this on top of the building, they have been working 7 days a week till almost 11 pm trying to get things done.
So today on Sunday afternoon i guess it was time to see who can roller skate, Son had fun watching the girls, they even had a few boys trying out. Once they did the skating up and down then it came to carrying trays while skating. Some really needed some good training. I am wondering how many will fall on there hiney the first few times. LOL

So with all this hot weather which on Sat was 97 degrees here, look at my Lilac bush, it is in full bloom and oh it smells so good. I guess Lilac's is one of my very favorite flower, besides Lily's

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Camera Critters

Click on photos for better viewing
I didn't see what the bird was till i downloaded it. Do you see him Its a Blue Jay.
The cats were all circling this stinger, I thought at first it was a mouse they were after.
Ok so we have some strange cats, Casey lying there, while his brother Smiley is, well as you can see, He was kneading on him.My male neutered cats (brothers), Love each other so much, We think there a bit strange as the sisters don't have this kind of affection for each other. Does anyone else have cat siblings that are this lovable with each other?
Here is Cutie Pie on my lap, she is a wiggler and slobbers when she is wanting attention, most of the time you wouldn't know she is around but when she is wanting to be loved on she will make herself known.

And then here is Tittertat, my 35# cat that loves to eat anything and everything, guess that is why he weights so much He loves food particularly people food.


Click on photo for better viewing

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

I took these last Sunday evening on Mothers Day What a great way to end a nice day
Click on photos for better viewing as they do look better

Is anyone else having a problem seeing photos on the blogs? Seems like it is taking forever for the page to open with the photos.


Today i was shampooing the carpet in one of the rooms, and the people had a couple of dogs that left some surprises on the carpet. Also had some dog food, so i just threw the dog food out on the parking lot, next thing i heard was this crow just having a feast picking up the dog food.

Click on photos for better viewing

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Almost completed Sonics

Well for those that have kept track of the development of the Sonics Drive Inn that went in next door to us, here is a photo of an almost completed building, there opening day is scheduled for the the 19th of this month, not sure it will open then or not, they look like they have a lot of stuff left to do outside, i got a photo of the drive in part but it wasn't all that good, too much stuff in the way. We are all wondering how those girls are going to roller skate in the winter time as there is no covering from
the building. Should be interesting to see. And son said there was no inside seating, so all outdoors and in your rigs.

We are also surprised that the color is so bland, we surely thought it would be a nice bright color. Not very pleasing to the eye we don't think.

Click on photos for better viewing
And i had to take a photo of my flowering little tree, forgot what its called but i thought it was dead, so was happy to see blooms on it, so pretty.

So today they closed my driveway again to the motel, they layed the forms for them to pour the concrete for the entrance to our place tomorrow, they said no driving on it for at least 7 days . Of course we were the last ones to have the concrete poured. Not very happy about that.