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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Our new member to our family of furs

Well today we did it, I finally found and got my Pomaranian puppy. She is so cute.
We have named her Princess Cocoa, Me as i wanted to name her princess, and Nevada wanted to name her Cocoa. She is 8 weeks old, the gal from the animal hospital raises poms, Definitely paid more than i had planned to pay for one but i think she is going to be worth every penny. I was really expecting her to start carrying on later in the night, since she was a away from her mommy & daddy and siblings but by golly she slept thru the entire night, We put her in her carrier, i didn't sleep all that well becuase i kept listening for her but she must of never made a sound.

Now the other furry kids are not all that happy with her or with me, they must think she is some sort of monstor that has invaded there domain. Jenny is the only one that has taken to her and is being a friend and care taker of her at the moment

Here is Jenny playing with her,The others just run away and hiss when they come close. Poor Casey doesn't want to suck on the thumb when he smells the dog on my hands, even if i have washed i guess he can smell it still. I think this is going to take a long time to get everyone used to each other.
I gave her a bath as she didn't smell all that good.

Today was Thanksgiving, We still are having issues with the other cats

Don & Sharon Bires came over for dinner, son was suppose too but as usual another excuse came along so he didn't.
I am so pleased with Princess's potty training, i have the puppy training pads and newspaper, today not one accident, she even went on her own without me, I am so happy, don't think this is going to take too long, So far she has not been outside, her owner said she has never put her out because it has been so cold, well my intention is to have her go like in a kitty box. so that i don't have to worry about taking her outside....
Here she is playing with this toy, when you throw it down it starts making cat noises and starts shaking , She loves this thing, when it starts shaking she jumps on top of it and she shakes all over with the toy. Too funny to watch.
Well tomorrow is shopping day so will check out some of the sales that they have. Theres a few thing i want to get.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Heading to Diamond Lake Resort click here

Sunday the 19th we left this morning to take some brochures for the Tom Tom Motel to Diamond Lake Resort, We have not gone anywhere for sometime so i was getting a bit house bound. Usually i never go to there unless i am going to Roseburg or back from there. The drive over was nice cloudy a few sprinkles of rain but nothing too serious.

On the way there we noticed the new Pilot Truck stop in Chemult, for some reason we thought it was more to the junction, than right in the town of Chemult
GO to the Chemult link for information on Rv parks etc.
So on the way back from there we stopped so i could find out if they had RV dump service. Which i was told they did not at this time. He adviced to go to one of the rv parks for dumping and water.

This is the back of the Pilot truck stop..

This is the side view Nevada was driving too fast LOL His fault to get a full view of it, the regular car service station is next to the main road, were as the truck pumps are in the back .

Friday, November 10, 2006

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Virginia City and Nevada City Montana Ghost towns

Nevada City Montana

Virginia City Montana

Both of these towns are worth seeing. just be sure to go before labor Day as most everything closes up.

Hopefully this will take you to all my photos once there go to Virginia city

This is in Virginia City Montana, i think this is better than the one in Nevada. A must see place. If you go be sure to stop at this place at the time we went it was a chinese restaurant.

Here is what you will find on the side of the chinese restaurant inside

Since the town was mostley closed up for the season i was able to take some photo shots thru the windows and by golly they turned out.
It looks like the town up and left everything they had and it is well preserved for viewing.

Look at all these old clothes and hats.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Bannack National Park click here

This is the park we stayed at before going to Bannack Park
Nice park nice people, clean
Countryside Rv Park
$20 a night Passport America card is $10
30 miles from Banneck National Forest

This is the Bannack Cemetary, the warning was, watch out for rattlesnakes, no overnight parking, which who would want to park the night at a cemetary. But it did have plenty of room to park. This is before you get to the park.

This is the rv park that is before you get to the park, there is also a nice stream of water, we didn't stay there. I looked at the website and i could not find a fee to park there, only thing i found was that you can stay up to 14 days. They do have a Tipi and yurts for rent. Be sure to check out the website as it gives you information on it.

So not to bore you too much with all the photos i will only post a few, this is of the hotel.Click on there website and they have photos with what the buildings are and also a history of the town.

Here is the staircase from the top, the stairs seem to be in good condition, can't say much for the rest of the stair case.

The old stove, that thing was huge, most of the buildings there do not have much furniture in them, i think they are trying to restore some of the buildings there which are in real bad shape inside.

Here is another shot of the kitchen area, this looks like they are restoring this area.

a little bit of history

Now this is what most of the homes look like inside, so this is a work in progress for a long time if they are going to restore it.
Make a stop here if your in the area.Here is a photo gallery of better photos than i have taken so click on the site

Bannack Photos

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Yellowstone National Park click here

Well i think the pictures says it all.
We stayed at the Madison campground and man was it cold
we only stayed 2 nights.

here is me, What a couch hah? We didn't like it much there as we don't like to see animals behind cages.
Grizzley Discovery Center

Butte Montana click here

Galena Gulch
We are makeing our way to Butte Montana, and we stopped at this neat place Free parking nice, quiet.
Here is our motor home and Richard and Sharons.

The water was a bit low here, would of been nice to spend a few days there. Sorry no hookups tho.

After a nights stay there we headed off to Butte Mt. click on the title to see whats to see & do.

Unfortunaelty we didn't get to spend the time there that we had planned too. We had paid for at least two nights as we planned on seeing the Indian PowWow friday night and thruout the weekend. but the weather turned bad and they were predicting 6 to 8 inches of snow for friday night. We decided that we didn't want to stick around for the snow, as we were wanting to get to Yellowstone. So we only stayed the one night took in a few of the sites on the trolly but that was about it.
Here is a view from the top of a hill which Butte seems to be sitting on a hill, this is a very old town and not very prosperous, at least that is what we saw.But what history it stores.

Another shot of what the roads are like, the fellow was saying that in the winter time there used to be a stop sign at the bottom but with the icy roads the sign no longer

is in place.

We did stop and see the Copper mansion Bed & Breakfast great place, wish we would of had more time to be able to see the other places, that is mentioned on the website. If you ever get to Butte
or close bye stop and spend some time there.

Be sure and click on this link and you can see some of the rooms in the house.

Copper King Mansion

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Glacier National Park click on here

We stayed at Apgar Campground nice campground other than the hours of operating your generator. Weird hours. 7am to 9 am 12 pm to 2 pm and then 5 pm to 7 pm. we learned that our battery that runs the heater does not do well to run all night, as we only have the one battery. So the nights were cold enough that you had to run the heater. The first night there the battery was dead the next morning. The fridge don't work either if you don't have the battery either. anyway i waited till about 7:45 am to start the Generator as i didn't want to bother anyone but new i only had another hour to charge up the battery, so i really couldn't wait any longer. So i started the generator and the next thing we heard was someone banging on the door, I went to see who it was and this lady started yelling at me to shut the gen off, I told her that our battery was dead and i had to charge it. She just ranted on about the fact that i didn't need it. Then her husband started in as well. Well then that got me ticked off and i said read the park rules and take it up with the park ranger. They packed up and left. Well a few days later i was talking to the ranger and told him about those folks and he said yeh he knows as they did come and complain, he told them we had the right as those were the park rules. He did say that they were looking at changeing the rules to have them longer in the evenings. Which would be a lot better cause then you can at least go to bed with a full charge of battery. This is our visitors at the campground it was a momma and her two babies.
On to the Sun Road: No motor homes allowed on this tour so we rented a car for two days.

This is one of the many waterfalls that you can see on the sunroad

Here is a momma deer and her babies takeing a drink in that clear clean water my other photos of a closer shot all turned out blurry, sure helps if one has a better camera at times like this. UGH!!!!

As we climb higher and higher. yep that is the road we came from.

The scenery is so beautiful.

We took this trail to the water fall did not think to really look to see how far it was to get there,

well this body got a work out it was well over a mile and then back. had i known it was that far i wouldn't of got this shot, can't remember what the name of the fall is tho.

Well if you get a chance come see the Glaciers

National Bison Range click on here

This was a great place but didn't get to see much wildlife, other than the antelope and the buffalo, we did get to see them do a round up of the buffalo which was neat to watch the cowboys moving them from one place to another.Can't remember how many acres they have there but its a lot read there webpage by clicking on the title .