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Friday, February 23, 2007

Finally got some snow

Feb 22, 2007
Well finally got some snow, about 4 inches, not much but just enough to make a mess in the parking lot, it warmed up some and of course it melts, then ends up freezing at night, so then the parking lot is icy, hate that part of snow.

Took Princess out to play in it, her first time, boy she was having a really good time, running and licking it.

Feb 23, 07
What a crappy day this turned out to be, Nevada flushed the toilet, oh no back up, yukkkk0!!!!!
He did the plunger nothing, he did the snake nothing, not long enough , he took the toilet out, nothing, good time to keep it out and get new one, been going to do that anyway but been holding off cause of the sale of the place.
Anyway we found that it was plugged from room 2 on down here to the house, we have a vent in the laudry room were it was all backing up into , god what a mess that was. Ok so who put what in the toilet.
Since he didn't have a long enough snake we went to Home Depot picked one up for $30 bucks and also a new toilet, all together spent $117.00 came home, he worked on it some more, this has been going on since 9 am mind you. Me getting uptight, call the darn plumber. Him saying i don't want to pay a plumber. 3:30 he finally says call the plumber. Luckily it was before closing time. You know double time. Nice thing was he came right out, said it might be 3 hours, but he was right there. 20 minutes we are back in business. $95 bucks for the fix, not as bad as we figured. Wish i new what the plug up was.
So another exciting day at the Tom Tom Motel

Monday, February 19, 2007

Nothing new happening

Monday, Feb 19,2007

Well it has been awhile since i have written in my blog, but then there really hasn't been anything much to write about.
The weather here in Bend has been mild,No snow down here, the mountain seems to be getting it good. which is good for the skiers. Would love to take a drive up there just to see how much is up there. Maybe this weekend we will take a drive and see if i can get some photos.

Princess went out to play in the yard, she loves to roll around in the leaves. Nevada was out there racking the other day and she had a ball.

She goes out there and rolls and ruts in the grass, man she can dig a hole fast, she loves to dig and then lay in it. The leaves she ends up digging a hole and crawling in the leaves.

She decided that she likes to lay on top of the coffee table, Precious got onto her earlier, so now she is really keeping her distance from her. Don't know why that cat hates this dog so much.
Here is Casey in the dog house playing hide and seek with her, they have so much fun together, Casey hides in the house, and when she comes by takes a swat at her and they will do this for the longest time. He is good with her. Oliver is good playing with her as well.

Here is Oliver on the floor with her and Smiley sitting there looking on. Altho the other day he took a good swat at her and now she watches him close too as she is not sure he won't hurt her again.

Today i gave her a bath, she liked it today at least was much better than the last time i bathed her.
We play a game after wards, with the towel, she gets reall angry when i try to dry her off so she grabs the towel and starts growling like the dickens. Cute but i know it isn't the right thing to do with her. She is also getting better about letting me bruch her. we are makeing progress. Not sure that she will ever potty outside tho.

Well that is it for tonight, nothing exciting.The wind is blowing pretty hard, they say that a storm is coming in maybe snow.

Leaving Quartzite

Left Q this morning after saying our good byes to Mary & Rich, Diane and Bill Armstrong came the night before and they parked across from us.We visited for a few hours over beer and wine. Sorry that we couldn't have spent more time with them, very nice couple. Hopefully will get to spend more time with them another time.Didn't get to see more folks that were there in Q but oh well the weather wasn't the greatest for sitting around a campfire. Maybe another time as well.

We are now parked at Peggy Sue's restaurant and truck stop, theres suppose to be a ghost town here but we havn't run across it. The restaurant is neat 50's setup and many many old photos and memorbilias from the old times. Elvis and Marylin Monroe etc. if you havn't stopped here on I-15 Ghost town Road Exit Yermo Ca. stop its worth seeing the restaurant at least. What to do a hundred miles

Free parking too. we are parked right behind the restaurant were the water is. hopefully the trucks will stay away from here, theres plenty of parking on the sides and back end along the freeway. It may be a bit noisy from the road noise but i guess its better than nothing. Listening to old time music that they have going on outside.
We had dinner here, food was good and plentiful, the waitress sucked so no tip for her, too involved with her boyfriend i think as she couldn't wait to get to him, forgot the soup the silver ware. Couldn't wait to take the order and run off again, i wanted to ask her questions about were the ghost town was but she was gone before i could open my mouth.

There is also a marine military here. Don't know what it was called tho.
Well i hope that we have a good nights sleep here.