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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Almost ready to leave tomorrow

This morning started out fairly good, warm all night long, they say hot today. We left about 9 am to hit the stores before it got too hot. Miss Princess does not like to go bye bye,She is protesting here, says i am not going you can't make me!. Well its either go or get beat up by Precious who takes a swat at her every chance she gets. Its kind of cute to watch them. As Precous walks around her with her fur in the air, and Princess dances around her growling and barking. But always watching to make sure that i am in sight so that i can rescue her if Precious comes after her.
Anyway went to Walmart to get cat food, a lantern and of course the weeks movie,Then went to Grocery outlet to buy some other stuff and off to Costco, for the rest of the stuff. Jaynee called and said that they were going to leave the campground tomorrow as well, and we will meet them along with Cindy.
Then later Sharon called and said that they were also leaving tomorrow but didn't know for sure what time. But said to call and they would try to go the same time. So the only one that won't be at the Silver Creek campground thursday night is Sassy and Arlene. They will come on Friday.

Here is the two big boys, Tittertat and Oliver sleeping together, I think Oliver now is outweighing Tittertat. Altho T has so much flab hanging there, wonder if they do tummy tucks on cats?Cause his sure is hanging down on the floor.

Here is P and Buttercup playing together with a little mouse, couldn't get a shot fast enough when P thru it in the air and Buttercup grabbing it.
I swear her name should of been Tasmania Devil. She sure keeps the cats active,
other than Tittertat, and for some reason he just ignores her.

Well i will sign off, Still have to finish cleaning up the kitchen . Wash the truck in the morning as we will also take it with us.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hopefully this is the end

Hopefully this is the end of poor Tittertats ordeal, at least he is in his favorite chair, other than mine. We took him to the vet this morning for a final check up. Dr said he is doing good, specially when i said he had a small poop last night, he ate his food well, i also gave him another IV altho he is drinking some water but does not go to the water dish. If i put water in his food with the chicken he will drink it.
So now she has him on some CD diet food for the crystals in his urine. don't know how long he will be on that. Maybe forever. They said when they gave it to him there he didn't like it.He has a couple more days of meds left to give him, gosh he hates to have things stuffed down him. Well i guess i would too. I just hope he knows i am not being mean to him.Oh lets see she also said to give him 1/2 teaspoon of metamucil in his food a day, to keep him regular.

Oh the weekend is coming up and i can't wait to get out of here, Heading out on Thurs to go camping with my yahoo camping in oregon group. Surely will have something to tell when i get back from that.
Yesterday we went to LaPine to meet Cindy one of the gals that will be going with us, she lives in Jackson Hole Wy. she has been rving all winter by herself and her 3 dogs and 3 cats. Have never met her till yesterday nice lady.
We will meet her at the intersection to Silver Lake. Sassy and her friend Arlene will be meeting us at the campground on friday. And Jayne and Richard will also leave on friday they are at the LaPine State Park. Don & Sharon will also go on thursday i will follow Nevada in the truck as we will need to have transportation to get to the Cowboy Dinner Tree on Sat night.

Tomorrow we will have to go to the store to get the rest of the food and then pack the motorhome, most everything is already in there but always need to take more. And the weather is suppose to be beautiful and warm all weekend. Tomorrow they said it should get to about 90 oooh that is way too hot, but i guess we better not complain.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Weekend

Beautiful sunset at the Slabs in Niland California.

Well the closeing of a nice 3 day wee
kend for people, at least this part of the country, not sure but I think some states didn't have very good weather. How was your weather were you are?
It was windy today here in Bend Oregon, but at least no rain yet or too cold. In the past it has rained or was way too cold to be out camping. So it truly was a nice weekend for the first camping season.
Hope that you all had a good time off work. And for those that had to work like me, well take i guess someone has to do, so thanks.

Tittertat is doing a little bit better each day, the chicken strips that i feed him, he likes them, to encourage him to drink i add water to the chicken and he ends up drinking the water as he picks up the chicken. Sneaky aren't I? Hey whatever works to get some fluids down him.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hurray !Tittertat is home

Hurray, he is back home, not in the best of shape yet but at least he is home, were he is more comfortable and loved. Here he is just getting ready to walk over to his favorite place to lay down, he takes about 2 or 3 steps and then sits back down.
When i first got him home we noticed that he wa
s straining really hard, he got into the litter box and peed a bit, get out and then go back in. The we also noticed that as he was walking into the living room he would sit and then urinate. This is not good, so on the phone i went again to call the vet, she didn't tell me this would be. so she said due to the bladder infection he has, the antibiotics should kick in soon.
Here is finally to his best place to lay under the coffee table.
The vet said that they still have bee
n force feeding him as he wouldn't eat. So they were trying some baby beef food. She said they couldn't get him to eat on his own, but once he saw us and i put the food down there for him he licked it several times.
He just needed to be home with mom thats all.
So here he is eating some chicken pieces, when i got him home.This boy is used to chewing something, he wanted to sink his teeth into real food not that baby crap.
I had chicken plain raw chicken strips that i had bought when Princess was not feeling good. So i stuck a piece in the micro and cut a few junks of it up for him.
Of course Princess had to see what she was missing and she said give me some too.

Here he is finishing up his chicken. I don't think he liked being away from home. His eyes don't look so shallow or empty either now. And he is responding to his name. Of course the other cats all have to smell and see how he is doing.
Now just to get him to hold that food down, and to get him to drink.

Tittertat still not home

Yesterday we were really hoping that he would be able to come home. The vet said she would call in the morning, NOT!, i finally called about 11:30 and Wendy the receptionist said they were in there with him and she would have her call, NOT!, again at 12:30 i called again, she came to the phone and said he still wasn't eating on his own and what he did eat he threw some of that up. She wanted to keep him and said she would call at 4pm, so waiting and waiting no call, finally at 5:15 pm she calls and says she thought it would be best that he stayed, he was still not eating on his own, "OH hum" it has been a week since he ate, I hope that he starts eating, he is probably not likeing the idea that he is being forced feeding, and he doesn't like the food there giving him. I finally asked how much all this is costing me, as they usually give me a estimate of all that they do, but since they didn't ask me about the draining of his bladder i really had no idea. Well unless he has to stay another day, the total bill if he gets to come home today is $469.00 so now we are $1100 bucks. For a poop problem.

My daily activities: Have a great Memorial Weekend

My daily activities: Have a great Memorial Weekend

Thursday, May 24, 2007

getting better

Well today went better i think, this morning i called the vet but she wasn't in, Amy said that he had thrown up, so had to wait for the dr to come in and let us know were we go from here.
When she called she said that she wanted to keep him as she had not given him the medicine to not throw up, so she wanted to be sure tha
t he got that medicine on a timely matter....that was at 9 am. she called again about 11:00 said that they now know what his problem is as to why he wasn't getting any better. It seems that he went in the cat box and started howling, they said that it was a sign of something and what she found was that his bladder was clogged, or what ever they call it, his urine had crystalized. So they did a emergency bladder drain or what ever they call it. She said that she would call me later this afternoon and tell me how he is doing. Well she called about 4:30 and said that he escaped his cage, they had to chase him down, Now if your thinking that fat cat can't run fast, he can when he wants too, But she said that he was definitley feeling better and that he had gone potty so that was good, she said they were trying to force feed him again and he fought them. Well if he is feeling good won't need to force feed him, he loves his food.Anyway she wanted to keep him another night just to make sure that he was doing what he was suppose too, so she will call me in the morning . Boy i am so happy to know that he is going to be ok.
We were really worried that we were going to lose him. So hopefully this part of our o
rdeal is over with.
I think i will sleep much better tonight.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Last night & this morning the IV

Last night we thought things were going to be ok. We stopped and picked up the baby food, i mixed the meat with some water so that i can use the syringe, i did one tube and then he decided to lick some on his own, YEH!!!! NOT. He was very listless still last night, stayed on the bed he feels very cold so i covered him up. Then before going to bed i put him in the litter box and he peed very little but did it YEH!!!!NOT..... He slept most of the night moved a few times. All seemed good, Till this morning. He threw everything he had in him up, all waterery God what a mess.That was at 6:30 this morning, He now has come out of the bedroom laid by the water dish, he took just a few licks of water. Then moved himself back under the coffee table. I will call the vet as soon as they open.
Gosh we are wondering now if maybe there isn't another problem.This is so discourageing. Oh and when we took him back in yesterday he lost another lb.
Well i talked to the vet this morning and she said to give him some more fluids since he threw everything up, but was good that he kept what food i was able to give him last night in till this morning.
Gosh i hated the idea of having to give him the IV was really hopeing that he would be eating and drinking on his own this morning. but here i have just inserted the IV in him. That is Nevada soothing him.Smiley looking on to what is going on.
He just doesn't seem to be getting better.

After we did the IV i fed him some more, we then waited a while to see if he kept it down and all was ok, so went to town for a little bit, when we got home he had thrown everything back up again, It was almost 2 pm i called the vet again but they were at a meeting so had to wait till 3 to call back. When i did Amy said you need to bring him in, so he is now staying at the vet.

Feline: Conditions of the Liver

Hepatic disease (conditions of the liver) can be acute/sudden or chronic (long lasting). The liver is responsible for detoxifying the bloodstream as well as processing the nutrients absorbed from the intestinal tract. There are many things that can go wrong with the liver and in general they are serious but it always helps to understand medication used and the principles involved in management.

Here is the information the dr gave me to check out .There going to give him maga dose of the fluids plus a shot so he doesn't throw up.She says the good thing is that he is not yet Jaundice which is a good thing, because we have been on him from the start, but this is what can happen to him if he had not been.Hopefully what she is doing today will get him over the hump.
I don't understand it all yet but sure is scary if he gets to the point of being Jaundice.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another Bad day with Tittertat

Tues 22,07
Well we had to take Tittertat back to the vets, he has not changed, no food or water , so listless, We just got home and she has him on a IV which she showed me how to administer, god i hate needles. But he is so good that he just lays there and doen't move. I also have to force feed him baby food, chicken, mix it with water so it will go into a syringe, she says what is happening that he has been without food for so long that he is shutting down and so his fat is going to his kidneys which is not good.
He goes to the water dish but doesn't drink, he puts his paw in the dish, and just keeps it there, see his other paw,
it is all wet as well, He has never done that, as he never liked water on him.Both his feet have been shaved for IV's and blood work and under his neck from the first vet, said he couldn't do it there because he was too fat.So i am hoping that this will work and nothing else happens.
Till the next update which i hope will be a good one.

Monday news on Tittertat

Well just to update you all, Tittertat went to our vet today, they put him to sleep and did a enema and cleaned him out completely. We picked him up at 5 pm and he was still pretty sleepy. But she said he should be doing much better by tomorrow. Said he was pretty backed up.
It is now 10 pm and he still is pretty groggy but then he has had a bad few days. I think he will be fine now.So far he still has not ate or drank which she said would be fine. Said it will be tomorrow before he will want anything, but to be sure and call if he doesn't.
Hopefully we will be able to finally get some sleep tonight as we both have been so worried about him.
Now we have another worry and that is my husband who also had a dr.s appt today, so if you could spare another prayer we would appreciate it. to make a really long stoy short, he has had two strokes the last one last spring,, he has had some breathing problems for a few months, why men hate to go to the dr is beyond me, not that we women like it any better, but anyway they did a EKG and the dr said that it looks like he has had some heart damage since he was in last, so now he has to go to his heart specialist to have it checked out. Life is never dull around here,specially the last couple of springs.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Update on Tittertat

Well it was a really crappy night for all of us, Tittertat slept on the bed with me, the other cats didn't like that at all, as they think that is there bed. He was so sick i just felt i had to keep on the bed with me so that i could keep an eye on him, I woke up several times checking on him, so not much sleep, about 4 :30 am he got up and started puking again, thank god he got off the bed, altho he didn't do much, nothing in his tummy to throw anything up accept foam. Poor guy was not very good. He took just a few steps and plopped down and just laid there. His eyes were really stuck back in the sockets, you know very shallow. I got up and tried to give him some water but he wouldn't take that either, so i just left him alone, i went back to bed, and woke up about 7 and he managed to work his way into the living room, were he just plopped himself again.No he did not want any water, i was really concerned about him. i got a syringe out and tried giving him some milk as he likes milk, but nope he didn't want that either..

I did find out that our vet was open till 1 pm so had to wait till 9 to call, finally called and wouldn't ya know it, there was no dr available as the one that was suppose to be there had an emergency at home, so was
not going to be in, seems like everytime we have had an emergency with a pet they have never been available, so have always had to take them to another vet. Irritating.

So i called the vet we had Tittertat too before with the same problem. They said to bring him in. Well we got there and the vet said that to be on the safe side they had better take some blood work to make sure that nothing else was going on either. So they said let us do a estimate work sheet to see what the cost was going to be. Well he had to have blood work, an IV for the 3 hours that he was there, and then the Enema, so the total bill was $380.00 . $80 bucks more than 5 yrs before. Geesh and they say no inflation.

Well we left him there and went to pick him up at 4:30 the vet said, well we filled him up pretty good BUT he has not gone yet so hopefully you will get him home before he has to go. He said boy he did not like me giving him
that enema or the jelly medication that i am suppose to give him twice a day by mouth, I said yeh i knew he was not going to like that as he don't like anyone even coming close to his hiney at home. Due to the last time he had to have this done.
So the only good news is that he has lost weight which i wasn't sure he had done but according to the scales at the vets, he now weighs 20 lbs instead of 32 lbs. so that is good news. Vet said to continue doing what i was doing, just cutting it down a little bit more. Well once he takes a poop maybe he will even weigh less who knows.

It is now 7:30 pm and so far he still has don
e nothing. The vet said if he doesn't do anything by monday i will have to bring him back and do the enema thing again. How wonderful is that. I am really hopeing he will do something soon. No food yet, as far as i know he has drank no water either, but the IV should of helped that for a bit anyways.
Well maybe later i will go and give him a massage and see how that stimulates him.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Another week gone by & a constipated cat

Well another week has gone by and not much has been going on , business had been slow. Geesh wonder what the summer is going to bring, can it really be that folks are going to be staying closer to home? Gas prices are soaring. $3.39 last we looked when we went out. Other places i am hearing is even higher. Not a good sign.

Did get plants yesterday to put in the flower beds, got some of them in but not all, didn't feel all that great today so didn't finish putting them out in the yard, not sure yet were to put them. Oh well maybe i will feel better tomorrow. Laid back down today and took a long nap, havn't done that in a long time. Not sure that made me feel any better, been so tired lately, and getting up several times during the night. Cats don' t help either as they want your attention once your up.

Not sure what is wrong with Tittertat, i am guessing he is constipated again, he has gotten out of hand again about eating, so today he is not good at all, has thrown up several times, wan
ts nothing to drink, or eat OH MY GOD! you know there is something wrong when he doesn't want something to eat. Poor guy is having a rough day and night today.
I have had him on a pretty stricked diet and lately have slacked off with it which i shouldn't have done that, but he just drives you crazy if you don't feed him what your eating. So the last two days i have given in to him, now we both are suffering f
or it.
If he isn't better by tomorrow i will have to see about getting him to the vet or at least try to get some medication down him so he can go to the bathroom. I know just what ya all wanted to hear. One time it cost us over $300 to get him to go to the bathroom. It can be dangerous if he doesn't go. Altho i have don't know if that is what his problem is but he sure acts like it. I tried to give him some milk and he didn't want that either.
Last night i didn't pick up the cat food from the other cats so he may of got up on the counter and indulged himself so much that he is sick from eating so much. You know he is like people, he can't say NO to food when in front of him. He is a compulsive
eater. Only cat i know that eats everything you eat.

Well i guess i best close for now and go to bed, not sure what we will be doing this weekend, a few things going on in town, Pole, Peddle, Paddle in Bend i think that is what they call it, have never been to that. The Madras has the air balloons and then there is a horse show which i know we won't be going too.

I know i will have to get out of here sometime as i am feeling housebound.
Hope all is having a good weekend.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Time to work in the yard

Well today i decided that the yard needs some tender loving care, altho I do wish i had a green thumb. One of my flower beds has been in such a mess, because of this beautiful tree that we have, but since we have put the yard in several yrs back, this tree has released all of its roots and it is getting to be a real pain in the rear.

Of course i wouldn't think of getting rid of the tree as it gives us some wonderful shade in the summer time. But it definitely has caused a problem with trying to grow anything in the flower beds. 2 yrs ago we dug it all up and put down plastic hoping that would stop the roots from going thru but , NO way, they have smothered what plants i did have in there.

So today i took the blocks from around the tree and put them around the flower bed and raised it up and added more dirt, so hopefully those roots won't be coming towards the top of the new dirt, Now i have to think about what to plant there, since most of it is in the shade it will have to be shade loving.

Really wasn't planning on doing anything to the yard, because I have my heart set on this place selling, but then if it doesn't, well like last yr, we didn't do anything either and you can only go so long with out doing anything before it all goes to pot.

Boy sure can tell we are out of shape, we were so tired today, and sore. Nevada got the dirt from our pile that we have had a few yrs ago but never used.
The pond finally must of got cold enough to break the lip off, so he had to put a rock there so the water could run off the rock, but then we also discovered that it had a hole in the bottom of it, so the water was leaking from there. So now he has to fix that with something. At one time we had 5 waterfalls here.Got to be too much to take care of and too much to keep the water in the ponds, so much wind here that it just evaporates.

Oh and yesterday he was cleaning another one of our ponds out in the front yard and there was a rat in it, how disgusting is that? The guy at the catering place said he has had to put out rat killer so i am wondering if that rat came from his place looking for water.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Lipizzaner Stallions

Good Morning,
Well i hope that everyone had a very good Mother's Day yesterday. I certainly did.
We had not bought tickets ahe
ad so was not sure if we would even get any, but our expo center is very large, we took Princess with us as we usually do, it was a bit chilly out with the wind blowing so figured it would be cool leaving the windows cracked, but by the time we got there it had warmed up quiet a bit, We walked her to the check in area, and these ladies said, are you going to the show? And i said yes, she said well you can't take the dog in, i said yes i know that, she said well its too hot to leave your dog in the car, i said yes i know that, we will leave the A/C on. She looked puzzled and walked off. The show was 50 minutes with a 15 min. intermission, so during the intermission we made a mad dash to go back to the parking lot to check on her, Now i have to tell ya, not sure the distance to the parking from the arena but its not short, and it has been a long time since i have walked that far and that fast in a long time, and boy am i sore this morning.

We went to see the Lippizzaner Stallions at our local Expo Center. These are truly magnificent horses, if you have never seen them and get the chance, go see them, I
think its well worth the money, of course you have to like horses.

Boy what showmanship,when you watch them you can see there feet clicking each step they make, hard to describe but its amazing.

I tried so hard to get a shot of the horse jumping in t
he air with all fours off the ground, but my camera just isn't fast enough, or with a good zoom, all i did was complain to Nevada that i just have to have a better camera. One of these days i will just have to get one, i miss some really good shots.
Well that was my excitement for the week, have not done much all week so there for not much in the way of posting.

Weather is really nice, suppose to be 79 today.
How is the gas prices were you all are at? Cheapest here is $3.38
Well have a good day.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers

I just want to wish all our mothers out there a very Happy Day.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Always remember to forget
The things that made you sad
But never forget to remember
The things that made you glad.
Always remember to forget
The friends that proved untrue.
But don't forget to remember
Those that have stuck by you.
Always remember to forget
The troubles that have passed away.
But never forget to remember
The blessings that come each day.

Friday, May 04, 2007

the drive home

We headed on home on rt 206 never been on that road, nice drive, little curvy. But roads are good, There seems to be a lot of farming there, few farms and lots of open land that is for haying. We ran across this old church behind a farmers fence . How neat it must of looked in its prime time, Sad to see it just sitting there with no one to care for it.
well that is the end of our trip, hope you enjoyed it.

Rowena Crest

Historic Columbia River Highway

13,000 years ago, the last (and possibly greatest) catastrophic flood in the Gorge washed over Rowena Crest at a height of over 1000 feet (more than 200 feet above Rowena Crest). In less than 40 hours, the flood scoured away the topsoil, leaving a barren landscape. (Far to the west, the Willamette Valley was temporarily covered with a 400 foot deep lake.)

This is a great drive and the wildflowers were great as well.
Sure is taking me a long time to put this trip all together from last weekend.

We than camped for the night at this nice little state park called the Deshutes River State Park
you get elec, and water for $12 a night and its right on the river.

So much better than the $33 we paid at the rv park in Astoria

what past animal i was in past life

You Were a Whale

You see the unseen and connect on the deepest level.
You help others find their soul's song.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Leaving Astoria Going to Multnomah Falls

Left the Rv Park early, decided to take a differant rt to go home, we decided to take our time to go home and spend another night somewhere. So we headed towards Portland but on the way we took a side road to see the beach, yep never seen the beach while there, so wanted to take Princess down there to see what she thought of it. It was so cold and windy that you couldn't stay long

Well she loved it, it would of been nice had it not been so cold to stay out there, and let her run longer on the beach, and get closer to the water.Oh well another time at another beach.

We then continued on to Portland

took the old rt 30 Hmmm well it is a nice drive, but not sure that all motor homes can go thru there safely, we headed for Multnomah Falls. Bridal Vail is just before that, no place does it tell you not to go there with a motor home ours is a 30 ft, Not a good idea, the roads are very narrow, as well as curvy, a bunch of cars were coming around the corner, scared us to death so Nevada pulled off to the side, Not a good thing, we heard this scrapppppppppping sound,Oh my gosh just knew there was a huge scrape along the side of the motor home. Had a heck of time turning around the parking lot is not all that big either, he got out to see what kind of damage we had , Wow the only damage was on the awning at the metal just a lot of scraping sounds, boy what luck that was.
We headed down to Multomah Falls roads very narrow but managebale.Hope noone comes along on the other side.Ok in a car.

Was going to take the walk to th
e very top but decided that we didn't feel up to the climb but i am sure it is a very nice hike up there. By the way there are many trails for those that like to hike.

There is better photos on the link of Multnomah Falls.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Festival


Got up early fixed breakfast as best i could, no gas and for the life of me i couldn't find my hot plate so had nothing to cook on except the convection/micro. still havn't figured out how to use it.
We went to catch the bus, it was a buck eac
h for the ride well worth it since it was so far away to the fairgrounds, one day we will have a tow car so we can drive around.
Cost $9 bucks each to get in, nothing but vendors all over the place, also a wine tasting which if you wanted to taste wine you paid.Never been to one that you had to pay, wineries that we have been too seemed like they were free.
Now i really was looking forward to having some good clam chowder, well that was a farce because we had the worst clam chowder ever. 4 oz of chowder for $4 spendy huh? maybe 3 peices of clam. Ok this was not the best outing i have been too, but just getting away was good.

As we were leaving the fairgrounds on the bus, there was a long line of bikers that was heading in that direction, i am glad that we went early in the day, as when we left the lines to get in they were huge, someone said it was the largest festival they have had. I guess maybe the weather had a lot to do with it as well, it was a nice warm day.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kampers West RV campground

Well we got to the campground around 6:30 pm it was already closed but they did have were we were suppose to camp. which was nice of them. Got all set up and went for a walk with Princess. She just loves to go and sniff everything there is to sniff. Nope she don't potty while out there.
Was looking for Bill and his wife, which i thought he said they were parked in spot 49 but there was no 49, so didn't get to see them that night. Did get back on the puter and found it was actually 45 they were parked at.This is the entrance and also the cleaning area for fish or whatever your catch of the day is, Not sure were you go to catch the clam and or fish. I had the impression it was close but sure didn't see anything In the way of ocean.
I think this could be smelly in the summer time as it was already smelling.

Here is a couple of there cabins they rent out. They are cute.

And here we are they do have a nice patch of lawn were the picnic table is.
Well we settled in for the night to watch movies i haven't got to see, it is just so nice to sit and not do nothing, no interruptions and to be able to watch a movie all the way thru is great.
Tomorrow we will go to the festival.

trip to Astoria Oregon


Friday morning and we are ready to go to Astoria, Boy it ended up being a longer trip than we thought, left Bend at 10 am, gas tank was full, so Nevada decided to wait and get propane on the road. Yeh right, should of known better. Anyway took the Santiam Pass, hate going that way but it is a beautiful drive. The day was nice and clear so was able to see all the mountains, got a good view of Mt Washington, sure is sad to see all the burnt trees from the fires yrs ago, can't remember when that was but still looks sad to see all those burnt trees still standing.

Got down to Detroit Lake, boy that is such a beautiful area around there, and the lake is big, seeing all the water in there was nice, last time we went that way the water was very low. The dam was working too. I don't believe it was the last time as there was not enough water in it.

Went to Salem Oregon oh boy, yrs since we have been there, got to see the state capital building, HMMM ! got twisted around and had a heck of time getting out of there, yep a garmin or something would of been helpful about that time, wasted gas and time.

Tillamook Oregon and the cheese factory on the right side of us, no time to stop now as we are behind time, not sure as to when the campground is to close. So decided to keep going. Gas gage getting low so he thought , got past Gerabaldy didn't see a gas station, OH NO don't run out of gas. we kept going hopeing to find a station in the next town No luck, fingers are still crossed for the next town, NOPE no gas. Oh geesh, were do people buy gas around here when they just want to mow there lawns, way too far to go. more towns and higher climb, finally he looks again and oh he says i read it wrong still a 1/4 tank Yew that was lucky, finally came across a gas station, lucky, all we thought about was having to walk and no places to really pull over.All is good now, gas was $3.29 a few miles down the road near Seaside $3.07 oh well still cheaper than Bend. If you get to Tillamook check out the WW II Blimp Museums

Fianlly found Kampers West, did have to call them to say we would be late and since we didn't know how they handled that we thought we better call them, so did and they close at 4:30 said they would have the papers up on the wall as to were we would be parked. Good thing.Gosh that is early to close.