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Friday, May 04, 2007

the drive home

We headed on home on rt 206 never been on that road, nice drive, little curvy. But roads are good, There seems to be a lot of farming there, few farms and lots of open land that is for haying. We ran across this old church behind a farmers fence . How neat it must of looked in its prime time, Sad to see it just sitting there with no one to care for it.
well that is the end of our trip, hope you enjoyed it.


Shionge said...

Nice old church and yes imagine the buzz during those time ya?

I seems to have trouble seeing your blog sometimes but glad I manage to today.

Have a nice weekend folks!

Ex-Shammickite said...

Just imagine all the weddings and baptisms and funerals that have taken place in that old church! And the preaching and the singing and the praying. People arriving in their Sunday best, with their hopes and dreams, and their sadness and their worries. If only that old church could tell us it's history.... fascinating place.

rosemary said...

Great pictures...the Columbia Gorge is one of the most beautiful drives...we did it in December of 05 and it was a terror of ice...but still lovely. Sounds like you had quite the adventure. Thabk you for visiting. If it is OK, I will link you on my blog roll.

madretz said...

What a cool church, didja get a moment to step inside? Well, I suppose all that barbed wire around it meant they didn't want visitors.
That drive at Columbia Gorge looks amazing, too.

Sam said...

It looks fascinatingly spooky to me as if hiding a lot of stories in its heart....u have an eye for such things ...great !!:))