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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tittertat still not home

Yesterday we were really hoping that he would be able to come home. The vet said she would call in the morning, NOT!, i finally called about 11:30 and Wendy the receptionist said they were in there with him and she would have her call, NOT!, again at 12:30 i called again, she came to the phone and said he still wasn't eating on his own and what he did eat he threw some of that up. She wanted to keep him and said she would call at 4pm, so waiting and waiting no call, finally at 5:15 pm she calls and says she thought it would be best that he stayed, he was still not eating on his own, "OH hum" it has been a week since he ate, I hope that he starts eating, he is probably not likeing the idea that he is being forced feeding, and he doesn't like the food there giving him. I finally asked how much all this is costing me, as they usually give me a estimate of all that they do, but since they didn't ask me about the draining of his bladder i really had no idea. Well unless he has to stay another day, the total bill if he gets to come home today is $469.00 so now we are $1100 bucks. For a poop problem.

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Shionge said...

Oh sorry to hear about the escalating bills.....:(