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Friday, May 04, 2007

Rowena Crest

Historic Columbia River Highway

13,000 years ago, the last (and possibly greatest) catastrophic flood in the Gorge washed over Rowena Crest at a height of over 1000 feet (more than 200 feet above Rowena Crest). In less than 40 hours, the flood scoured away the topsoil, leaving a barren landscape. (Far to the west, the Willamette Valley was temporarily covered with a 400 foot deep lake.)

This is a great drive and the wildflowers were great as well.
Sure is taking me a long time to put this trip all together from last weekend.

We than camped for the night at this nice little state park called the Deshutes River State Park
you get elec, and water for $12 a night and its right on the river.

So much better than the $33 we paid at the rv park in Astoria

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