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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Leaving Astoria Going to Multnomah Falls

Left the Rv Park early, decided to take a differant rt to go home, we decided to take our time to go home and spend another night somewhere. So we headed towards Portland but on the way we took a side road to see the beach, yep never seen the beach while there, so wanted to take Princess down there to see what she thought of it. It was so cold and windy that you couldn't stay long

Well she loved it, it would of been nice had it not been so cold to stay out there, and let her run longer on the beach, and get closer to the water.Oh well another time at another beach.

We then continued on to Portland

took the old rt 30 Hmmm well it is a nice drive, but not sure that all motor homes can go thru there safely, we headed for Multnomah Falls. Bridal Vail is just before that, no place does it tell you not to go there with a motor home ours is a 30 ft, Not a good idea, the roads are very narrow, as well as curvy, a bunch of cars were coming around the corner, scared us to death so Nevada pulled off to the side, Not a good thing, we heard this scrapppppppppping sound,Oh my gosh just knew there was a huge scrape along the side of the motor home. Had a heck of time turning around the parking lot is not all that big either, he got out to see what kind of damage we had , Wow the only damage was on the awning at the metal just a lot of scraping sounds, boy what luck that was.
We headed down to Multomah Falls roads very narrow but managebale.Hope noone comes along on the other side.Ok in a car.

Was going to take the walk to th
e very top but decided that we didn't feel up to the climb but i am sure it is a very nice hike up there. By the way there are many trails for those that like to hike.

There is better photos on the link of Multnomah Falls.


madretz said...

Beautiful state that Oregon is. :)

Sam said...

amazingly beautiful have traveled a lot on these past days ...i am still reading your posts one by one ar eyou doing ? and how is the blogging world treating you ? i need to visit Oregon tempting !!