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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Update on Tittertat

Well it was a really crappy night for all of us, Tittertat slept on the bed with me, the other cats didn't like that at all, as they think that is there bed. He was so sick i just felt i had to keep on the bed with me so that i could keep an eye on him, I woke up several times checking on him, so not much sleep, about 4 :30 am he got up and started puking again, thank god he got off the bed, altho he didn't do much, nothing in his tummy to throw anything up accept foam. Poor guy was not very good. He took just a few steps and plopped down and just laid there. His eyes were really stuck back in the sockets, you know very shallow. I got up and tried to give him some water but he wouldn't take that either, so i just left him alone, i went back to bed, and woke up about 7 and he managed to work his way into the living room, were he just plopped himself again.No he did not want any water, i was really concerned about him. i got a syringe out and tried giving him some milk as he likes milk, but nope he didn't want that either..

I did find out that our vet was open till 1 pm so had to wait till 9 to call, finally called and wouldn't ya know it, there was no dr available as the one that was suppose to be there had an emergency at home, so was
not going to be in, seems like everytime we have had an emergency with a pet they have never been available, so have always had to take them to another vet. Irritating.

So i called the vet we had Tittertat too before with the same problem. They said to bring him in. Well we got there and the vet said that to be on the safe side they had better take some blood work to make sure that nothing else was going on either. So they said let us do a estimate work sheet to see what the cost was going to be. Well he had to have blood work, an IV for the 3 hours that he was there, and then the Enema, so the total bill was $380.00 . $80 bucks more than 5 yrs before. Geesh and they say no inflation.

Well we left him there and went to pick him up at 4:30 the vet said, well we filled him up pretty good BUT he has not gone yet so hopefully you will get him home before he has to go. He said boy he did not like me giving him
that enema or the jelly medication that i am suppose to give him twice a day by mouth, I said yeh i knew he was not going to like that as he don't like anyone even coming close to his hiney at home. Due to the last time he had to have this done.
So the only good news is that he has lost weight which i wasn't sure he had done but according to the scales at the vets, he now weighs 20 lbs instead of 32 lbs. so that is good news. Vet said to continue doing what i was doing, just cutting it down a little bit more. Well once he takes a poop maybe he will even weigh less who knows.

It is now 7:30 pm and so far he still has don
e nothing. The vet said if he doesn't do anything by monday i will have to bring him back and do the enema thing again. How wonderful is that. I am really hopeing he will do something soon. No food yet, as far as i know he has drank no water either, but the IV should of helped that for a bit anyways.
Well maybe later i will go and give him a massage and see how that stimulates him.


Shionge said...

Hiya Lilli & Nevada...sorry to hear about this but hope he is recovering by now.

Hey..thanks for being the first to visit my blog, truly appreciate that :D

Ex-Shammickite said...

Poor old Tittertat, I hope he recovers soon. I had a male cat with the same symptoms, it turned out to be crystals in his urine blocking the urethra making him unable to pee, and of course that affected everything else.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Thanks for visiting my Okanagan Daily Photo blog
I have been to Bend but some years ago, just think, we live on the same street, well highway 97 that is, here in Oliver, British Columbia, Canada.
Will drop by again

rosemary said...

Poor thing...I have a medical crisis with Drake too and her kidney failure. She will probably need Iv fluids at home. I sent you an email from my real address. Did you get it?

madretz said...

Oh, i'm so sorry to hear about your sweet Tittertat not feeling well. It sounds a lot like the symptoms that my kitty had a few years ago. Please keep us updated.