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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hurray !Tittertat is home

Hurray, he is back home, not in the best of shape yet but at least he is home, were he is more comfortable and loved. Here he is just getting ready to walk over to his favorite place to lay down, he takes about 2 or 3 steps and then sits back down.
When i first got him home we noticed that he wa
s straining really hard, he got into the litter box and peed a bit, get out and then go back in. The we also noticed that as he was walking into the living room he would sit and then urinate. This is not good, so on the phone i went again to call the vet, she didn't tell me this would be. so she said due to the bladder infection he has, the antibiotics should kick in soon.
Here is finally to his best place to lay under the coffee table.
The vet said that they still have bee
n force feeding him as he wouldn't eat. So they were trying some baby beef food. She said they couldn't get him to eat on his own, but once he saw us and i put the food down there for him he licked it several times.
He just needed to be home with mom thats all.
So here he is eating some chicken pieces, when i got him home.This boy is used to chewing something, he wanted to sink his teeth into real food not that baby crap.
I had chicken plain raw chicken strips that i had bought when Princess was not feeling good. So i stuck a piece in the micro and cut a few junks of it up for him.
Of course Princess had to see what she was missing and she said give me some too.

Here he is finishing up his chicken. I don't think he liked being away from home. His eyes don't look so shallow or empty either now. And he is responding to his name. Of course the other cats all have to smell and see how he is doing.
Now just to get him to hold that food down, and to get him to drink.


Ex-Shammickite said...

My male cat Midge had the very same complaint, calcium crystals in the urine preventing him to urinate. I think I told you that in comments 2 or 3 posts back. I think it is quite common in males who have been neutered at an early age. Midge had his bladder unblocked 3 or 4 times. The last time, the nerves that controlled his tail were damaged, and he had a "dead" tail. It was healthy and had lots of fur, he just couldn't move it. It dragged on the ground behind him, and when he went through a door, often the door would shut on his tail and he would have to be rescued!

Shionge said...

Hey...welcome back little fella :) So happy to see that you are back and having a hearty meal.

Rest well and don't like all of us worry too much ya :D

madretz said...

I'm so glad sweet Tittertat is home. He's gotta be so much happier being in his own environment with his loving humans. That was always the saddest part for me, leaving my sweet little kitty at the vet over night. As I type right at this very moment, my Billy kitty is on my hands looking at the screen at Tittertat. So I know she's sending him Get Well Very Soon wishes, too!