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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Almost ready to leave tomorrow

This morning started out fairly good, warm all night long, they say hot today. We left about 9 am to hit the stores before it got too hot. Miss Princess does not like to go bye bye,She is protesting here, says i am not going you can't make me!. Well its either go or get beat up by Precious who takes a swat at her every chance she gets. Its kind of cute to watch them. As Precous walks around her with her fur in the air, and Princess dances around her growling and barking. But always watching to make sure that i am in sight so that i can rescue her if Precious comes after her.
Anyway went to Walmart to get cat food, a lantern and of course the weeks movie,Then went to Grocery outlet to buy some other stuff and off to Costco, for the rest of the stuff. Jaynee called and said that they were going to leave the campground tomorrow as well, and we will meet them along with Cindy.
Then later Sharon called and said that they were also leaving tomorrow but didn't know for sure what time. But said to call and they would try to go the same time. So the only one that won't be at the Silver Creek campground thursday night is Sassy and Arlene. They will come on Friday.

Here is the two big boys, Tittertat and Oliver sleeping together, I think Oliver now is outweighing Tittertat. Altho T has so much flab hanging there, wonder if they do tummy tucks on cats?Cause his sure is hanging down on the floor.

Here is P and Buttercup playing together with a little mouse, couldn't get a shot fast enough when P thru it in the air and Buttercup grabbing it.
I swear her name should of been Tasmania Devil. She sure keeps the cats active,
other than Tittertat, and for some reason he just ignores her.

Well i will sign off, Still have to finish cleaning up the kitchen . Wash the truck in the morning as we will also take it with us.


Ex-Shammickite said...

I'm glad that your Tittertat is feeling better. Keep a good eye on him, that problem with the crysals in the urine never goes away completely.
And just had to tell you, I have a set of sheets exactly like the one Tittertat is sitting on in his fave chair!
Have a good camping trip.

rosemary said...

Do you take all the critters with you? How do your cats travel if you do?

Shionge said...

You sure are busy taking care of them and managing the chores as well....:D

have a great weekend.

madretz said...

Aww, wonderful pet photos. So adorable, especially Tittertat and Oliver together.
Hope you had a great trip.
Looking forward to reading about it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lilli,
I have been trying to get an email off to you since last week, but something always comes up and I don't. I found another kitten that was from this stray, it is the sweetest thing and that through off my whole day last Wednesday, I will send the pictures from my other site as i don't know how or if you can from this.
I took it to the vets and asked him where to take it, so after doing that ( oh, the kitten bite me 3 times, but it was trapped in a neighbours engine and I know I must have been hurting him to get it out) anyway, they said it was about 9-10weeks old so I am possitive it is from the stray that I have been feeding. The Vet is working with me to try and trap it, and then he said he would spayed it. BUt as you know it is pregnant now, but I think it might be too late to do something with her. THE vet said it could be done, but I think he might change his mind when he sees her. Catching it is the big thing.
Anyway, I am happy to see that Tittertat is doing a little better, drinking is such a big thing isn't it. HOPEfully he will get better at it.
Glad that your friend got her trailer working, such a headache. She is lucky to have friends like you and Nevada, loved your pictures as usual.