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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monday news on Tittertat

Well just to update you all, Tittertat went to our vet today, they put him to sleep and did a enema and cleaned him out completely. We picked him up at 5 pm and he was still pretty sleepy. But she said he should be doing much better by tomorrow. Said he was pretty backed up.
It is now 10 pm and he still is pretty groggy but then he has had a bad few days. I think he will be fine now.So far he still has not ate or drank which she said would be fine. Said it will be tomorrow before he will want anything, but to be sure and call if he doesn't.
Hopefully we will be able to finally get some sleep tonight as we both have been so worried about him.
Now we have another worry and that is my husband who also had a dr.s appt today, so if you could spare another prayer we would appreciate it. to make a really long stoy short, he has had two strokes the last one last spring,, he has had some breathing problems for a few months, why men hate to go to the dr is beyond me, not that we women like it any better, but anyway they did a EKG and the dr said that it looks like he has had some heart damage since he was in last, so now he has to go to his heart specialist to have it checked out. Life is never dull around here,specially the last couple of springs.

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Virginia said...

Hi there Lilli,
I am so glad to hear that your baby came home and that he might pull out of this. Today is Tuesday and hopefully he has eaten a little today, and has at least gotten some good sleep. Now lets pray that everything goes alright with Navada, and that everyone comes together health wise. Huge hugs, and had no problem getting on here.