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Monday, March 31, 2008

Odd Shot Monday

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Have you ever had Alien Fresh Jerky?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Old home stead

Click on photos for better details on the barn and houseThe road towards home last Sunday's drive. I say this has been around for awhile. Oh if they could only talk, what would they tell us about there family that lived there?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lake Billy Chinook Part 1

Please click on the photos for larger viewing
Deer was an added view to this beautiful drive on the rim of the lake, there is also
bird viewing area.They make nests in the rocks. We saw no birds on this trip.

About 10-12 million years ago, alternating layers of
stream sediments, volcanic debris and basaltic lava
flowed from the Cascade Mountain Range into a huge
basin in this area. Named the “Deschutes Formation,”
these exposed layers of material were capped by lava
flows from Cascade volcanos three million years ago.
Known as “rimrock basalt,” the cap is easily seen
high atop the steep cliffs of the canyons. Subsequent
periods of dramatic water erosion and volcanic
activity have formed the awe-inspiring canyons and
vertical cliffs seen today.

Lake Billy Chinook has existed since 1964 when
Portland General Electric constructed the Round Butte
Dam. The lake was named for Billy Chinook, a wellknown
Wasco Indian scout from the Warm Springs
region who traveled with explorer John Fremont in
PGE operated the Round Butte Hydroelectric Project
until 1999 when it entered into an agreement with The
Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs to co-manage
the hydroelectric facilities. The project generates approximately
800,000 megawatts electricity per year for
residents in the Portland metropolitan area.
Surrounded by mostly public lands, Lake Billy Chinook
includes 72 miles of shoreline and a surface area of
4,000 acres. Its deepest point is 400 feet at Round Butte
Dam. The reservoir stays full, or within one foot of full,
from June 15-September 15.Our next stop will be crossing the bridge to The Palisades State Park

Friday, March 28, 2008

Sky Watch Friday/ Crooked River Bridge

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This is a sign that was posted because there have been dogs that have jumped over the bridge, i remember last summer i had a family check into the motel, they were in tears because there beloved dog took the plunge over this bridge, they were devastated, But when we went this past weekend we wondered how a dog could jump and why?I don't like heights so i didn't stay on the bridge for very long, i don't even like driving across it. Yes Princess was contained to the car and she was not a happy camper, but i wasn't taking any chances.

Crooked River Bridge replaces the High Bridge – now a certified historic landmark – which was designed by famed Oregon bridge engineer Conde B. McCullough and built in 1926. The state will retain High Bridge as a pedestrian and bicycle crossing after structural improvements have been made. Mandated as an arch by ODOT and a citizen advisory committee, the new bridge compliments the design of the old, with adequate separation between the two to allow scenic views of both. “Oregon has developed a culture of bridge design that has largely avoided the stark and industrial efficiency that has affected bridge designs in other states,” commented Goodyear. He added, “The bridge is painted to blend with Nature’s high desert palette. The box is a burnt brown, the arch and columns a rust-red, and abutments a rock-colored gray.”
In Terrebonne, Oregon the Crooked River Bridge was constructed adjacent to the classic Conde McCullock Steel arch bridge. The New bridge spans the Crooked River Gorge, 300 ft. above the river, with a concrete arch span of 410 ft. The structure was built in 28 x 43-ft. segments that supports a concrete box girder that is 79 ft. wide and 5 ft.- 6 in. deep and spans 53 ft. between spandrel columns. First U.S. High Gorge Cast-in-Place Segmental Arch Bridge ever built.

Our next adventure will take us to Lake Billy Chinook So come back and check that out.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Awards given out

Daryl E out and about in New York City
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Smith Rock

Sunday we went for a drive, i was feeling pretty house bound, so a drive was in order so one of the stops we made was Smith Rock, famous for rock climbers.
click on the photos for more detailed views


Climbing is extremely dangerous. YOU MAY DIE or be seriously injured.

Smith Rock, a 641-acre park, is located in
central Oregon. The rock there is welded tuff,
consolidated from molten ash 30 million years ago.
I like to describe it as tiny pebbles held together
by plaster of paris. Along the Crooked River,
in the upper and lower gorge, are basalt
cliffs as well.

There are over a thousand climbs at Smith Rock,
both sport and traditional, up to 600 feet high.
Besides having one of the most difficult climbs in
the country ('Just Do It' - 5.14c), it also hosts an array
of easier and challenging climbs. For example, over
75 three and four star climbs are rated 5.10.

If you enlarge the photo you will see a climber on the rock.There have been several people that have died or been seriously hurt. This is one of Central Oregons finest for visitors who love to climb. But it also has a beautiful hiking area, which we didn't do this time as it was too cold and we didn't have a permit.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

ABC Wed This weeks letter is "J"

If you would like to join see Mrsnesbitt's blogNot feeling all that chipper the last few days this is all i came up with. Sorry sort of boring but oh so good.

"J" for Jif Peanut butter
"J" For Jenny one of my kitty's

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Abandond Mine?

Sunday I had to get out of the house, being cooped up for a few weeks it was time to get out and explore again. Here we took trip to Black Butte Ranch, ok never did find it, must of turned off a wrong road. But did come across this, been trying to do find out as to what it used to be and what it was called but so far nothing.Nevada thinks it was a old mine. Click on photos

Monday, March 24, 2008

Odd shots /Strange tree

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Petrified tree trunk

This tree trunk was at Drake Park
Click on the photo

from the Greek root "petro" meaning "rock" or "stone", literally "wood turned into stone"

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hey What's for Dinner?

Here is Casey checking out the Fridge. What am i going to eat?

Mt Shasta Sky Watch Friday

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Coming around the bend, Mt Shasta is the second-highest peak in the Cascade Range
and the fifth highest peak in California

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Water Towers

Have you ever wondered what is on top of a water tower? When we did the walk on Pilot Butte a few weeks ago I took these photos of two waters towers looking down on them.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ABC Wed. Letter is "I"

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"I" For
Italian Restaurant"I " for Icy Road??? Don't look like its Icy does it?
"I" For Ice Water"I" For Icicle on the front over hang of our motor home

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Walls going up on Sonics

Today they put the 3 sides up for the Sonic's Drive Inn, I don't know we thought it was going to be so much bigger, like a sit down restaurant as well but it is small but tall. They put the sides together laying down and then the crane picked it up and carried it to the foundation
Here is the second section that went up

And here is the 3rd, sure goes up fast once they get it all done on the ground
Here they are still digging up parking lot, we think this is were the entrance is going to be, but not sure. They also have to do the side walks yet. So who knows what they will be doing next.