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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lake Billy Chinook Part 1

Please click on the photos for larger viewing
Deer was an added view to this beautiful drive on the rim of the lake, there is also
bird viewing area.They make nests in the rocks. We saw no birds on this trip.

About 10-12 million years ago, alternating layers of
stream sediments, volcanic debris and basaltic lava
flowed from the Cascade Mountain Range into a huge
basin in this area. Named the “Deschutes Formation,”
these exposed layers of material were capped by lava
flows from Cascade volcanos three million years ago.
Known as “rimrock basalt,” the cap is easily seen
high atop the steep cliffs of the canyons. Subsequent
periods of dramatic water erosion and volcanic
activity have formed the awe-inspiring canyons and
vertical cliffs seen today.

Lake Billy Chinook has existed since 1964 when
Portland General Electric constructed the Round Butte
Dam. The lake was named for Billy Chinook, a wellknown
Wasco Indian scout from the Warm Springs
region who traveled with explorer John Fremont in
PGE operated the Round Butte Hydroelectric Project
until 1999 when it entered into an agreement with The
Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs to co-manage
the hydroelectric facilities. The project generates approximately
800,000 megawatts electricity per year for
residents in the Portland metropolitan area.
Surrounded by mostly public lands, Lake Billy Chinook
includes 72 miles of shoreline and a surface area of
4,000 acres. Its deepest point is 400 feet at Round Butte
Dam. The reservoir stays full, or within one foot of full,
from June 15-September 15.Our next stop will be crossing the bridge to The Palisades State Park


GMG said...

Finally, some moments without having to think on things to do tomorrow and with time to come and enjoy your posts and what beautiful posts you have here. To start, Smith Rock: incredible pictures of what seems to be a beautiful spot. Then we have the incredible Crooked River Bridge and the fantastic sky watch picture. Finally, these superb Lake Billy pictures... Great start for the weekend!
Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter where I'm now strolling around Bilbao!
Have a great weekend!

dot said...

Those pictures are AMAZING when enlarged! You really have seen some wonderful places. After all that you might be disappointed to see Georgia.

Meggie said...

What a gorgeous lake and rock formation...quite unique! You certainly captured the tranquility of it all quite well.

Andrea said...

Oh, these pictures are beautiful. Love all the deer. My 4 year old grandson called me last week and said there were 7 deer in their front yard. He was so excited. My daughter can open her window blinds and see several right up close to the house. Which reminds me, one time I opened my blinds and the neighbors COW was looking straight at me. Scared me to death. LOL

Rose said...

I like the pictures before enlarging, but once enlarged! Wow, I just want to be there....they look so serene and grand.

imac said...

Love the deer, sure was great to see them i bet. Great post.

Paulie said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Now I wish I had learned to drive. . . or been a ladybug that hitched a ride in your travel trailer!

Luke Wiley said...

this is a beautiful area!
thank you for visiting my...
Wiley Willows Photoblog

gmj said...

Carl and I have been married 21 years and I have yet to get him to central Oregon for an extended visit. These pictures are sparking intrest. Thanks. :)

smilnsigh said...

That last photo reminds me that I'm scared of heights! :-)

Suzi-k said...

lilly, another great travel post that leaves me with ANOTHER fascinating place to add to my list of places I need to visit one day. Thanks!

KOSTAS said...

Amazing the pictures, very beautiful the part, likely you find itself in some other planet! Great!!!

Katney said...

We camped at Lake Billy Chinook years ago with the kids. It was a great place to camp. We stayed an extra day.

Sharon said...

This are a wonderful series of photos of a great subject. Your history of the area is interesting too. Now I want to go there!


Great shots.
Great travel.