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Sunday, January 11, 2015

 Got to Hap & Donnas place on Friday and stayed 2 days, first time we had such a long visit, but it was nice since we don't get to see them very often, and usually just for a short time. They are getting ready to go on another cruise, while we were there his daughter Tammy and her husband came by, its been a long time since we saw her. Here are a few photos of them and Haps Place. We left this morning stopped at Costco to get gas, $1.99 Yeh!, now we are home for a few days before we head south

Jan 8,2015

Going to Springfield to visit Dave & Betty, We left the nice coastal weather for some foggy and cooler weather to visit with Dave and Betty, Dave used to work for Greyhound and in the old days Greyhound rented rooms from us for the drivers to spend the night there, he retired several yrs ago but always found his way to see us at the motel when he would come thru on his Harley for, he always invited us to come visit for the last 10 yrs and finally we did, he has a beautiful place on the river in Springfield Or, we spent the night there and had a wonderful visit 

 Our view 

We left there on Friday afternoon to return to Roseburg to visit with Nevada's Brother Hap and his wife Donna, The trip was not the best as the fog came in and it was thick. Will continue with this.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Jan 2015

A New Yr a New To Us Motor Home

Our first trip in the new motor home is to the coast before we head south for a month or two. It has been a long time since i have posted on my blog.

Our first stop was Winchester Bay We stayed at this very nice park called Winchester Bay RV Resort check there site out. I highly recommend this park for it is very reasonably priced and very clean, Full hookups plus cable tv and wifi, we were only going to stay one night  but it was so nice and quiet that we stayed another night, the weather was perfect 59 degrees, no rain, no fog, no wind, it must of known i was coming as i personally hate the coast. LOL usually cold and rainy a foggy, very depressing.. Anyway nice day out at the beach, Princess really enjoyed herself there, acting like a pup...
Our view at sunset isn't that pretty?

We stopped and bought a crab, ok didn't know they were going to cost the price of gold, $22 for this ugly looking thing, and not all that much meat in it, good thing we weren't hungry.

Asked the gal about cleaning it and how much said it was free, so we thought she would do all the hard work for us, not sure what she did when she took it to the kitchen, but sure wasn't anything we thought, got back to the motorhome to eat it thinking it was going to be a easy eat and oh dear we had nothing to take the meat out with. Ok so do you know what she did to clean it? took us forever to open all those legs and get the meat out. Thank goodness we are not all that crazy about crabs.

So here is Princess sitting on this lovely carving, who ever did that sure is good, can't believe there are so many wood carving places at the coast.