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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Haugan Montana Silver $ Casino click on here

Again i don't know what happend to my photos but click on the name and it will bring up the casino with photos & directions.
If you get there early enough in the day they have free rv parking with elec hookup, no water or dumping but elec is free. They also have a corrals for you to stable your horses if you travel with them. All for free. We stayed there for 2 days while waiting for Sharon and Richard.
While we were waiting for them we went to the gas station and store, there was this lady there dressed very squimpy shaking. She went into the store and the guy behind the counter told her that she couldn't stay in there, she started crying and went outside, he informed us that she was dropped off by a trucker with no money or clothes. Well we left and thought about her plight and thought wow how awful to be dumped in the middle of nowhere, so we thought we would go looking for her and at least offer her some clothes and a few dollars.
We finally found her at the casino gift shop, about the time i spotted her i noticed that she had a bottle and was putting it in her purse. I walked up to her and i said i think you need to put that back before you get caught by an employee, she turned around and looked at me and started crying and saying i really really need a drink i didn't mean to take it but i really need a drink. It didn't take long to figure out that this lady had a serious problem other than being dumped off. I she put the bottle on the shelf and i walked her over to were Nevada was and he took her outside while i talked to the clerk behind the counter and told her what happend. She had informed me that they had already called the police and they were on there way. I said she really has a mental problem as well and they said yes we know. I went back outside were Nevada and she was. She looked at me and said please don't tell anyone, she really showed how off she was with her talk about god and the devil. Well to make a long story short we ended up giving her some money and then the police came, I still wonder what happend to her. SAd that someone like that trucker took her and just dumped her, but i guess at least he did it were people were at.

Just thought i would add some photos of Flathead Lake very beautiful scenery

On to Kahnderosa Campground in Cataldo Id click here

This was a very nice Rv Park, for some reason i have lost the photos, if i ever find them i will post them but click on the the name and there website will open. Nice man. The have one huge firepit, which you will see in there photo section. It is located 25 miles east of Coeur D'Alene Id. On I-90 take the Caldaldo exit #40 Price we paid was $20 for elec and water, dump site on site. Right next to the river. Also quiet.
We left there and stopped at the Old Mission State park.
Great little place, the church is interesting.

This is the Parrish house

Well if your in the area stop in and take this in as it is a nice historical place to check out.
Now heading on to Haugan.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Sprague Washington

9-3-06 Sprague Lake Resort.
After leaving Preston Winery we headed for a place to camp for the night, we ended up in Sprague Wash. looked like a cute old town. The sign pointed to Sprague Lake Resort so thought we would check it out.

Took some photos of the town as we drove thru to see what was there, we like the back roads as we discover some really neat old towns.

Be sure to click on the name of the town it will give you direstions and some history of the town as well.

This is Sprague Lake resort. took us on a two lane rd out in the country, you end up wondering were it is takeing you but eventually you get to the entrance of the resort. The price was $26.95 for full hookups. Wasn't too bad, Specially since we had boondocked the night before. It was owned by a elderly lady. She told us that yrs ago there used to be a dance hall and the house she lived in was a restaurant but over the yrs it has all changed

Here is were we parked, across from us she had pull thrus but it looked like they had not been used for a long time. If i remeber right i think she said that with the hwy coming this hurt there business a lot.

We sort of hate hearing that because we know how it hurt our business when they put the parkway in.
This was a nice lake, guess there is lots of fishing there

Here is the sun setting to a gorgous day.
Now my thought about the rv park. The park in itself was very nice. The setting nice, everything about it was good, BUT only one other time had we stayed in a park that the trains ran about every 15 to 30 minutes and i am not sure it wasn't more than that. Did we get any sleep that night? NO! Would i stay there again? NO! But if trains don't bother you,its a great place.
She also rents boats.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Preston Winery

On 395, 5 miles from Pasco Wa.
On the way we stopped at Preston Winery, we saw signs to fresh fruit & candy, we thought that is were it said to go LOL, well it was the winery instead, so we thought what the heck,get a bottle for a special night. Click on the winery for directions to get there.

The stairs to get to there show room is steep and many, I think they have a ramp if you have a wheele chair. This is what it looks like looking down from the top. Not many people there guess its not the season.

Nice deck.

We headed on down to the fruitstand were we ended up buying some really good sweet corn, blueberries, tomatoes. Nope we did good and didn't buy any candy.I lied we did. SHHHH!!!1

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rufus Or, 9-2-06 Free parking

Our first night at Rufus Oregon Sept 2,2006
We left Bend at 12:15 it was a last minute thing to take off early as our plan was not to leave till the 4th, but I end up getting itchy feet once the time gets close....
We get down the road a ways when we noticed that the tv is flopping back and forth, We put a new flat screen in and moved it close to the upper cabinet were the over the cab bed is, but didn't think about it swinging back and forth. So we had to stop and find something to tie it down with.
We drove to Biggs Junction and then took the back rd to Rufus, our first day we drove139 miles. Yeh that is the way to go nice and slow and low miles. This is our first time of taking a whole month off so it was a bit exciting and well sort of lost as we are used to driving many hours and miles. This free parking place was nice, altho i have to say it turned out to be quiet noisy.
I think if we had parked away from the road overlooking the Gorge it might of been less noisy
But it was a nice view. To get to that area go thru the town of Rufus, stay on 1st street till you get to the Shell gas Station, across the street is an open area were the truckers park, you can park there as well, but we thought it be best to go up the street, there is a sign that says dead end, just follow that to the end. There is a turn around and I think we would of been better if we had parked there.

This is the turn around, In the morning we woke to a guy walking his dog. And before long there were about 5 other people with there dogs. They sure were having a good time running around and chasing each other.

Here is Nevada relaxing with a beer and a big Yawn, He has had a rough day.

Great evening shot over the Gorge

And the perfect sunset before calling it a day

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The boys all grown up

Here is Oliver, we have not weighed him but all tho he doesn't look as fat as Tittertat, there weight is about the same, he is one big boy, so loveable, and he takes care of his brothers, they talk to each and i always wonder what he says to them because they seem to understand him, He bathes them, hugs them,weird cause the girls don't have that kind of effection towards each other, but boy they do love each other.

Here is Casey, he is about middle size, why he is next in line. Sometime after getting off the bottle, he decided that he wanted to start sucking on my thumb when he is tired, actually not a sucking motion, but he puts his teeth up against my thumb and you can feel his tongue on the back of his teeth. I think he is always going to want to do this as it has been a couple of yrs now that he has been doing it. Oh yeh he also likes to knead on my neck while he is doing this...

This is Smiley, why did i call him that, Well when he was small he always looked like he was smiling, but as he got older he has the most expressing face of all the cats, actually sometimes i call him my gargoil i think i spelled that wrong, spell check don't seem to be working, anyway those are the kind of looks he gives you at times....He is also my most hyper one, he can jump faster and higher than any of them. He also loves to be carried around, so when he wants to be carried he just jumps on my shoulder.

Now here are there parents, the little white face is his mother, Smiley looks a lot like her. She was a ferrel as well

This is there father we think, as if you look at Oliver he looks like his dad, size as well.

This is Precious's mom, looks like her, big eyes and all, only differance was that she had no tale. We had about 10 ferrel cats around here that we were feeding on a daily basis, going thru 40 lbs of cat food a week. But once the coons came in the cats all left,we dodn't know if the coons killed them or if they left on there own. Thank goodness if they left on there own, I couldn't take any more kittens in. 10 is more than enough.
We love our cats and spoil them to the hilt, and there isn't anything we wouldn't do for them.. Call us crazy, yes, but that is 10 cats that never had to see a shelter.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Our last 3, The boys

Well here is the last of the cats, This is when the boys were outside with there momma, but she moved them and we had to find them.One thing we learned since we couldn't catch the ferrel
cats we could try and get there babies, And earlier the better as by the time they get to be 3 months old and come out of hiding they are so scared that they become ferrels as well.And the process starts all over again. Momma cat had 6 this time god talk about a lot of work having to feed them... But this time i had a helper and that was Precious.

If you know anything about bottle feeding the little guys no matter if its kittens or puppies, one things you have to do is clean there behinders so they go to the bathroom, i use warm water and a cotton ball. But for some reason Precious decided that she wanted to be a mommy, I gave them a bottle and she did the rest, washed them slept with them and worried over them. You couldn't ask for a better serogate mom.

Not saying that the boys didn't have lots of females to look after them they did, All the girls helped in some respect, but Precious, well she was mom and she taught them everything.She just couldn't feed them since she was fixed and couldn't get milk.All the girls were fixed within 4 and 5 months.

Here is Precious, taking a quite time with Smily and under neath is Buttercup. See how well they all got a long.

We kept the babies in the bathtub with the carrier, and here is all

the babies and Precious sleeping away. they were about 2 months old before we ever allowed them to stay out of the bathroom. Precious would go nuts trying to keep up with them all when we did bring them out to play. She was such a good momma, and for her to never been raised by one, amazing.

This is Oliver feeding off the bottle. I have to confess I kept them on the bottle for almost 3 months. Our vet said to me don't you think its time you took them off the bottle? And I told her that they will quit when they get ready. Which they did.Anyway as i said there were six kitties, 5 boys and 1 girl, The gal at the feed store took one of the boys, which she took when they were still on the bottle as she wanted one she could bottle feed. I advertised the others once they were off the bottle,, but only had one other call, and the lady took the little girl and another boy, the girl was almost the same color, a very light gray.The same as Casey Coming up.

Here they all are in a small drawer in the bathroom, even now one of them will crawl in the drawer.
Onto another page. with older photos.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Our cat Precious

Precious Born 8-7-03
Nevada was outside and he heard this little wimper of a cry by the rocks, he called me and we went to look, momma cat was no were to be found, we waited several hours to see if she would come back, but she didn't, we figured that she might of had more kitties and moved them and maybe dropped this one and forgot, I scooped her up and brought her in the house. It was late and I couldn't run to the store to get baby food. I was trying to figure out what to feed her, when one of the guests came to the office and i was telling her about finding this kitty, but had no milk... She said my daughter is here visiting and she is nursing her baby, would you like me to get some for you... Wow, I said do you think she would mind? Pretty soon she came with enough milk till I could get to the store the next day. So her first milk was human breast milk... her embilical chord was still on her so we knew she must not have been very old when we got her.

It didn't take her long to take to a bottle, she loved to eat, she was so cute and as you can see here she has quite a belly on her. Here is Buttercup watching over her, all the other girls all watched over her as well. Altho they were not too keen on helping with raising her.. like she ended up doing with the boys, that is coming up so be sure and read that one.

And here she is again, her pot belly and those huge round eyes that can drill a look right thru ya..This was taken in the motor home on one of our outings, along with the girls.
You would think that she is a very loving and want to be held type of cat, but she is so indepent that She picks the time that she wants you to pet her, and heaven forbid that you might want to hold her.

This is Precious now. One spoiled rotten fat cat. Her food consists of at least 5 differant brands of dry food, I know that she can count, cause she won't start eating till there is at least 5 brands of food on her plate, and if there isn't her mouth starts chatting away.Like she is scolding me to get it on the plate. Quite a site to listen too. I guess by now you have figured out who is the boss in our household.....

This is Precious's Mom, She had no tail, she was a ferrel cat and not sure what happend to her but she disappeared when the Coons started coming around.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Part 2 of our cats this Is Buttercup

Think I will do this differant so I can share some photos of them better. Anyway this is Buttercup, we don't know if she was dumped here or she got away, but she was a very scared little girl, she was maybe about 3 months old here. At the motel between Pay N pack there was a lot of rocks, also were the rock chucks hide and hybernate in the winter I guess, anyway she found herself a small little opening were she would hide and sleep, only come out when she thought the other cats and no one else was around, we put food out there for her so we would watch her thru the back screen door. Nevada fell in love with her from the first time he layed eyes on her, he said to me look at those blue eyes, we just have to catch her.

So the challenge of catching her was on, He built a little round wire fence with a hook and string to a door, we put food in there and watched her for several days. And finally we were able to catch her in the pen, Oh my, talk about a fight she put on,I very carefully approached the pen and started talking to her , she didn't know what to do, tried to scratch her way out of the pen, well we had to go to town so thought well lets get ready and give her some time to relax, not sure about sticking my hand in there. Anyway Nevada went in and took a shower, by the time he was done i was in the house with her all wrapped up in a towel, she had gotten all wet in the water dish i had out there for her. Did she like being held like that , well if purring ment anything i think she did.So here is Nevada with his blue eye girl.

Because we didn't know how she was going to be with the other cats and not being house broke yet we kept her in the bathroom for some time, she loved this little basket, also loved to sleep in the sink.

Well here she is all grown up and yes she still loves the sink, here she is in the new motor home bathroom sink.