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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

In Jan of 2005 we took our first trip to Quartzite AZ. I have been wanting to go there for many yrs. A friend of mine told me about all the motor homes that were there, her and her friend had a hot dog stand and they had gone there, well this was about 15yrs ago, so finally I got to go. Wow what a site that was to see.
While there we decided for to look for a larger motor home as we had heard it was a good place to look. Nope we didn't find anything to our liking. Before going to Q we had looked at a New Gulfstream at a dealer here, which I really liked the looks of. So when we came home we decided to take another look to see if it was still there, and sure enough it was, and it said take me home,which we ended up doing.
We found after getting it home that there was some problems that we needed to deal with, not thinking of those things when looking at it, what is they say don't buy just for the looks?
Well so true, started unloading the little C only to find I didn't have as much room in the new motor home as i did in the little one, meaning the kitchen, Geesh no cuboards for all my stuff, the drawers for utinsils only half size drawers, no room for a silverware tray..... so Nevada had to build at least one of the drawers so I can get a tray in there. Still have two more to go...

Next problem was the bench table, never relized how tight they were, geesh if I got any fatter i wouldn't be able to get in there, it has to go, so having a couple of chairs from the house,Nevada took the bench table out, and put in one rocker chair and one other chair... works great, oh and we did buy one of those tables from camping world to replace the table in there. Not all that big but works, we aren't used to a table anyway, we have a small fold up table if we need something more.

Next thing we changed was the tv. too high and too heavy, We had bought a new flat screen thin tv for the little C which we had not yet installed, so we took the one out of the New M/H and he installed the new flat screen, much easier to watch as well.

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