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Thursday, June 28, 2007

truck shopping today

Tonights sunset, yes i love sunsets.

Today we decided to look for another truck or car, i got on Craig's list and found this older truck that already had a tow bar on it, they had used it for towing, but it was already sold, darn. So we got to thinking we might just go look for an older vehicle that we can just tow and not be as heavy as the envoy. Wow one thing led to many other ones. Nothing old . We did find a nice 1999 Jeep Cherokee. nothing fancy in that, they wanted $10,000 for it, didn't even have a CD player.Guess what they wanted to give us for our Envoy that is fully loaded, with a butt warmer. Ours has everything, even less miles than the jeep. Well they wanted to give us what we owed on it, which is $8200 which we just bought the thing last yr.for $16,000 Well i guess you know what we told them. Stuff it!
So we decided that we would look on the internet and see what we could find, wow lots out there which had more things and much nicer for even less. Then we also looked in the paper, guess what the same jeep at the same deale
r was advertising that jeep for $3,000 less than what they were offering it to us. what was up with that? Sure made us mad, going to call them back tomorrow and ask them whats with that.Well i had to laugh at Princess this morning as she wanted out so bad, she gets her collar and wants me to put it on, the other day she almost put it on herself, it was so cute. She just loves to be out there and play ball.Tonights sillyness is Oliver with his new hair doooo. isn't he handsome?

someone had a great imagination

Oh i didn't want to forget the fish jumping up, got some good shots of them, funny to watch them as they are trying to jump over. They are so small.
Ok so we went the back road back home, and here we came across this masterpiece, someone really had a good imagination as to what to add to this tree stump, so if you want a better look at this you will have to click on the photo to get a better view. But don't do it if you don't want to be embarrassed. LOLThe we came across another place that would be great for dry camping this is called Jack Creek and it has a lot of nice space there by the stream to camp, looks like a lot of people use this for horses.Will have to come check this area out again specially when its more in the summer to see how much water is in the creek.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Heading to the fish hatchery

We headed off to the Wizard Fish Hatchery which several yrs ago we had stopped there, but the water was very low, so here are a few photos of the Metolius River

And Here is Nevada, Princess, and yup that is me walking up from the riverThis fish is the only one that was in with the others some say its a Coi and some say its a carp what do you think?

Metolius River

Today we went to the Metolius River, this is a part of an area that we had not been too so it was great being able to go there. The walk to it was nice, with a nice paved walk way.
Here is Nevada, Ken and Bonnie walking down the paved walkway, i think they were looking at the differant kinds of trees .

Here is the beginning of under water spring that becomes the Metolius River, amazing to see this area and to see what this produces along the way with so much water. Were the dark green is were the water is coming out.You can't walk to it , so couldn't get a real good shot of it.

Here is the shot of the start of the river, again not all that a good as not a good enough camera ugh!And another shot of the walkway going back up to the car. Heading now to Camp Sherman so

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

adding lights to the yard

Tonights sunset was really pretty and mysterious.The colors are so bright.

Well today i finally got Nevada to add some more lights to the yard, we bought these string lights a few yrs ago and never got them up, so now he finally got it done. Well not really done, as we have more to put up, boy what a job that is. But at least we have them up now, so if we don't sell they will be up for x-mas and won't have to deal with doing that when its cold and yuckky out.

Here is part of the gasebo with the swing, you can see part of the lights on the inside wall. I think tomorrow i will go get more plants, there is so much planting left to do.

here is the outside wall, i hope tomorrow we can get the rest of the lights up on the outside wall, yup sure can use more lights looks dark in the back ground.

While we were sitting outside today, a hawk flew over us and he of course i had no camera in hand. Anyway he had a bird in his claws, about the time we saw it, Princess also saw it, and started barking like crazy, next thing we seen the hawk drop the bird, Nevada went to look, but i was sure that i saw the bird fly off. At least i hope he did. But then the hawk came flying over our head again for several minutes. I was thinking he was going to come down and try to get Princess. But he finally flew off and hopefully the bird was ok. Nevada didn't find anything so must be safe.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Beautiful sky

Took this photo thought it was pretty cool, there must of been several planes going thru as each of those lines was a plane line.
Still working on hubby to get me a better camera.

Not much was going on today, went to town early this morning and got some more plants, Costco was out of a lot of them, guess there almost done with not carrying them, but did pick up some Geraniums, half price for 6 tubs of the big containers. $9.50 for each container of 6, so got 2. Not bad, altho they were not looking all that good, so i hope after having water and taking off the dead leaves, they all will survive. But then there is not much hope for me and plants, no green thumb here. Got them all planted this afternoon, so crossing fingers that they will survive.

Decided to make some more doggie treats for Princess, so far i have not found one that she is really crazy about so i keep making new ones, in hopes that she will like them. This is

Wheat-Free Tuna Biscuits

• 1 cup yellow cornmeal or 1/14 cup corn flour
• 1 cup oatmeal
• 1/4 tsp. baking powder
• 1/2 tsp. garlic powder
• 1 small can tuna in oil -- undrained
• 1/3 cup water

Grind oatmeal in processor to make a coarse flour. Set aside in small bowl. In food processor, whirr tuna with the oil, and water then add all the rest of ingredient. Pulse till mixture forms a ball, Pulse to knead for 2-3 minutes. Knead on floured surface till it forms a soft ball of dough. Roll out to a 1/8"-1/4" thickness. Cut into shapes. Bake on lightly greased cookie sheet , at 350 for 20-25 minutes. Cool completely

She seems to like this one pretty good.
Well tomorrow is suppose to be a nice day again, not sure how warm it got today, but sure was nice.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day

Today is Fathers Day,
Sure hope that all you fathers out there are having a good day.
Not having a father for several yrs i miss that part, m
y father died of a heart attack at the age of 47, and even at that i didn't know him, last i seen him was when i was 3, so don't even remember much of him.
I have always wondered what it would of been like to have had one. Not saying that i havn't had step fathers, yup 3 of them, can't say i ever considered them too much of a dad, more like a very distant friend , there all dead now.The last two
had some good points, but the first wasn't worth a hoot, made life real hard for mom and myself.But she did what she had too i guess, he was a mean and drunken evil man. May the fires of hell burn his rotten soul to eternity. Ok i know that is really harsh, but he don't deserve anything better.

Today my stepdaughter Kim called Nevada to wish him a Happy Fathers Day, that was nice, as they don't keep in touch much. Life is so short. Altho he loves his daughter with every fiber in him, he just hates that dam phone. Its like its going to bite his ear off to use it. One day he is going to have to learn to use it.
Well anyway they had a nice chat, and her and i had a nice chat as well. Kim if you ever get to read this i enjoyed our visit.
Kim lives in Livermore Ca. and ha
s 2 beautiful grown up kids. Time flies when you don't get to see them, so when she sent us photos of the kids, we relized that they are no longer kids, but beautiful adults with lives of there own now. Oh my were has the time gone?
This is Shirl
Isn't she beautiful?

And this is Joe, an artist in the makeing here,
would love to see some of his art.He takes after his grandfathers talent to art, those that don't know Nevada is very good with pen& ink art work. Altho he hasn't done it for a long time. Shame when people have talent and don't use it. Me i have zero talent.

So hope that you all have a great day and enjoyed yourself, and had all your loved ones around you.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

My sore bodies

If you wake up breathing, it's a good day - so make the most if it.

Today i decided that i was not
doing much of anything, my bones and muscles are so sore. Thought i would work it all out by now. So vegging in the recliner more today.
Did go to Costco today to pick up my meds and anothe
r container of plants, that will have to wait till tomorrow tho.
Tittertat stayed at the vets till 1:30 pm he still had not gone pee, they told me that they were going to send him home at that time. so we went and picked him up and they told me that i have to collect the urine. So they said to take saran wrap and put it over his litter box, or get what they use, these plastic balls th
at won't absorb the urine, well that is what they were using, no wonder he wasn't going in that.
We brought some home , $4 bucks for a cup of the stuff, well we get home and cleaned out the litter box, put him and the box in the bathroom. No way was he having anything to do with those plastic balls. So i told Nevada to get the litter and we would try putting the saran wrap over the litter, Well Titters decided that he was not waiting any longer, he was home and he was busting to take a leak. so on the floor he went, said with loud moans "i have waited long enough"! I yelled at Nevada to get the syringe so i can scoop
it up. Hurray!!!!!!! at long last PEEEEEEEEE! has come out of him.
So we rushed it back to the vets, now all we have to do is wait for the results.
Another $50 bucks. Nice thing is they didn't charge us for the over night stay.
Well that is the excitement of our day.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Planting Day

Today we did some planting,the weather was perfect, not too hot, just a nice cool breeze which i like because i don't do hot, or too cold. Yesterday we went to Costco and bought 4 big trays of plants. Around here you have to be careful to not plant too early, as the weather can change in a heart beat. Like yesterday morning here it was 33 degrees, in LaPine it was 28 so i am sure they had to do some coverings of plants there.
It has been a couple of yrs since we did much planting around here. With Nevada not in good health the last couple of springs. So this time we decided that we better do something as i really do miss my flowers.

My waterfall sort of got the lip broke so Nevada put a rock under it, also found that it has a leak in the bottom of the top pond, so he is waiting for it to dry out so he can patch it. We used to have another waterfall, that had a stream coming down were the rocks are but it got to be too much to take care of, the outside wall were the motel sign shows, also was a waterfall and that too came to an end, had to fill it about 3 times a day, the winds were not very kind to having a water fall.
The other waterfall with the lattice is right by my door to the house, I love to listen to it in the summer time when i have the screen door open.
Tomorrow we will go get more plants. But i have to rest my sore body, didn't know i had so many places that hurt.
Around the wall we are going to put some lights on to show up more at night, hopefully they all still work.

Today we also had to take Tittertat back to the vet so that they could check his urine, dropped him off this morning, by closing time they called and said that he still has not peed, so they were going to keep him over night and hopefully by morning he would pee. Boy i just can't believe he went all day without peeing.

Monday, June 11, 2007

after the Funny Farm

After we left the Funny Farm we then went to Peterson's Rock Garden. Please read the history of this place, too long for me to write it all down.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

End of another weekend

Today we decided to take Cindy for a drive to see the Funny Farm, she needed to have some excitement in her life with all the problems she was having with her Hi Lo trailer, since our campout she has been here trying to get the slide out to work, Nevada and Don tried everything to fix it after she orderd the new motor, and it still wasn't working.Finally on friday they got it to work HURRAY!, with many hours on the phone to the manufacturer.
Well anyway its working and she will be heading out tomorrow to go to the Thousand Trails in Seaside Oregon.
This is a crazy place that two guys put together and some of the ideas they had were, well a must place to visit if you like unusual places.
The weather was perfect.

Have you ever wondered what to do with old bowling balls when your done using them?

How about old telephones?

How about a wedding around the heart shaped pond, I think he is going to have free weddings sometime at the end of June be sure to check out his website abo
ve.maybe you would like to renew you vows?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Last of the campout (the dinner)

This is out in the boonies, who would ever think of a restaurant out there?

Well here is all of us at the Cowboy Dinner Tree
The home of the 30 oz steak. Of course by the time you get all the food before hand you don't have room for the steak

from front :Don in Baseball cap, Sharon in the stripes his wife, Me dipping into the salad, Oops No face Nevada by other half, Richard, Jaynee his wife, Arlene, Sassy, Cindy.