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Thursday, June 14, 2007

My sore bodies

If you wake up breathing, it's a good day - so make the most if it.

Today i decided that i was not
doing much of anything, my bones and muscles are so sore. Thought i would work it all out by now. So vegging in the recliner more today.
Did go to Costco today to pick up my meds and anothe
r container of plants, that will have to wait till tomorrow tho.
Tittertat stayed at the vets till 1:30 pm he still had not gone pee, they told me that they were going to send him home at that time. so we went and picked him up and they told me that i have to collect the urine. So they said to take saran wrap and put it over his litter box, or get what they use, these plastic balls th
at won't absorb the urine, well that is what they were using, no wonder he wasn't going in that.
We brought some home , $4 bucks for a cup of the stuff, well we get home and cleaned out the litter box, put him and the box in the bathroom. No way was he having anything to do with those plastic balls. So i told Nevada to get the litter and we would try putting the saran wrap over the litter, Well Titters decided that he was not waiting any longer, he was home and he was busting to take a leak. so on the floor he went, said with loud moans "i have waited long enough"! I yelled at Nevada to get the syringe so i can scoop
it up. Hurray!!!!!!! at long last PEEEEEEEEE! has come out of him.
So we rushed it back to the vets, now all we have to do is wait for the results.
Another $50 bucks. Nice thing is they didn't charge us for the over night stay.
Well that is the excitement of our day.


Ginnie said...

OMG! You mean this really happened??? You poor things.

rosemary said...

I have had trouble leaving comments or maybe I am leaving a million...anyway, the plants a waterfall look really wonder you are sore.

Shionge said...

Oh Wow! I could sense the excitement over this Lilli, hope he is better now :D

madretz said...

love the sparkly mickey, so cute!
glad to hear that tittertat is in the comforts of his own home. :)