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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

adding lights to the yard

Tonights sunset was really pretty and mysterious.The colors are so bright.

Well today i finally got Nevada to add some more lights to the yard, we bought these string lights a few yrs ago and never got them up, so now he finally got it done. Well not really done, as we have more to put up, boy what a job that is. But at least we have them up now, so if we don't sell they will be up for x-mas and won't have to deal with doing that when its cold and yuckky out.

Here is part of the gasebo with the swing, you can see part of the lights on the inside wall. I think tomorrow i will go get more plants, there is so much planting left to do.

here is the outside wall, i hope tomorrow we can get the rest of the lights up on the outside wall, yup sure can use more lights looks dark in the back ground.

While we were sitting outside today, a hawk flew over us and he of course i had no camera in hand. Anyway he had a bird in his claws, about the time we saw it, Princess also saw it, and started barking like crazy, next thing we seen the hawk drop the bird, Nevada went to look, but i was sure that i saw the bird fly off. At least i hope he did. But then the hawk came flying over our head again for several minutes. I was thinking he was going to come down and try to get Princess. But he finally flew off and hopefully the bird was ok. Nevada didn't find anything so must be safe.


madretz said...

Beautiful sunset! Sounds like you are enjoying the summer nights. :)

Shionge said...

That is a lovely unique sunset Lilli and what excitement to see a hawk so close-up.

The pic is a bit dark though.

rosemary said...

We have red hawks here...lots of them. After the local fields are plowed they circle all day long looking for mice....and cats. makes me ill.

Ginnie said...

A fantastic sky! WOW! I never get tired of seeing them! And good for you for thinking ahead on getting the lights up. :)