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Thursday, June 28, 2007

truck shopping today

Tonights sunset, yes i love sunsets.

Today we decided to look for another truck or car, i got on Craig's list and found this older truck that already had a tow bar on it, they had used it for towing, but it was already sold, darn. So we got to thinking we might just go look for an older vehicle that we can just tow and not be as heavy as the envoy. Wow one thing led to many other ones. Nothing old . We did find a nice 1999 Jeep Cherokee. nothing fancy in that, they wanted $10,000 for it, didn't even have a CD player.Guess what they wanted to give us for our Envoy that is fully loaded, with a butt warmer. Ours has everything, even less miles than the jeep. Well they wanted to give us what we owed on it, which is $8200 which we just bought the thing last yr.for $16,000 Well i guess you know what we told them. Stuff it!
So we decided that we would look on the internet and see what we could find, wow lots out there which had more things and much nicer for even less. Then we also looked in the paper, guess what the same jeep at the same deale
r was advertising that jeep for $3,000 less than what they were offering it to us. what was up with that? Sure made us mad, going to call them back tomorrow and ask them whats with that.Well i had to laugh at Princess this morning as she wanted out so bad, she gets her collar and wants me to put it on, the other day she almost put it on herself, it was so cute. She just loves to be out there and play ball.Tonights sillyness is Oliver with his new hair doooo. isn't he handsome?


rosemary said...

Car salesmen/women are one step above the devil. Princess is pretty smart! How long did Oliver leave the"hair" alone?

Shionge said...

Oliver reminded me of the movie Shriek :D

Princess is ver smart indeed :D

madretz said...

Cute posts with the pics of the pets!