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Sunday, June 10, 2007

End of another weekend

Today we decided to take Cindy for a drive to see the Funny Farm, she needed to have some excitement in her life with all the problems she was having with her Hi Lo trailer, since our campout she has been here trying to get the slide out to work, Nevada and Don tried everything to fix it after she orderd the new motor, and it still wasn't working.Finally on friday they got it to work HURRAY!, with many hours on the phone to the manufacturer.
Well anyway its working and she will be heading out tomorrow to go to the Thousand Trails in Seaside Oregon.
This is a crazy place that two guys put together and some of the ideas they had were, well a must place to visit if you like unusual places.
The weather was perfect.

Have you ever wondered what to do with old bowling balls when your done using them?

How about old telephones?

How about a wedding around the heart shaped pond, I think he is going to have free weddings sometime at the end of June be sure to check out his website abo
ve.maybe you would like to renew you vows?


Shionge said...

This is amazing and now I know why it is called the Funny Farm :) Lighten up my spirit and brighten up my days too :D

rosemary said...

Your pictures really capture the essence of the place...I've been there and it is a hoot.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lilli,
I am so glad that Princess barked when she did so the hawk dropped the bird. YOu will have to watch Princess though for they will try and get her. She is small enough.

The stray cat is doing so well now. She is eating very well, started that last night, so today they are feeding her ( called "Recovery" food that the vets have. after any stress or surgery. anyway they are giving her all she can eat today, and tomorrow she will have her surgery and then have the weekend to recoup. They said they can't get over how clean she is, she is so precise when she uses the litter pan. I knew she would be clean for I have watched her for the last 7 months.
Yesterday I went in to see her also and I sat there talking to her for almost an hour and even stroked the top of her head. The vet agrees that she is very young no more than 1 1/2 yrs. Sort of what i figured also.
He is looking for a good home for her with no other pets.
that will be so good for her.
Well, good luck with the lights, OH, I was going to say, maybe Princess would like the biscuits without the tuna. My dogs didn't like tuna. but then maybe she does