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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

2nd annual campout with the camping in Oregon group

First posting of the first day, more to come, but i am tired, also posted them on the album.

Today is the day Hurray, Got ourselves ready to leave, still had some more packing up to do, and then started loading the cats in the motor home, i wasn't going to take all of them, but they said thunder storms, and i just feel better not leaving them, even tho they don't like going, i know they hate staying worse.

Richard & Jaynee i thought didn't want to leave LaPine campground till check out so we werent' planning on leaving till at least 11 am. Cindy callled and asked if she had time to do some stuff and i said well depends on what? we were leaving Bend at 11 . This was about 10 when she called. Well at 10:30 Jaynee called and said they were at Gordy's truck stop. I said oh well i have to get gas in town but Nevada wasn't get gas till he got to Gordy's so they decided to wait. Which by then we just got had a few things left and off we went. I got gas at the new station at Fred Meyers it was $3.29 So when i left the station i called Cindy and she said she was ready to go. When i got to La Pine i called her again just to see were she was at, and she said she was just getting ready to turn off to Hwy 31 i said well just keep going as i should be able to catch up with ya. HAHA, i got behind this truck and trailer and he was going slow and throwing rocks, so i couldn't go too close to him and eveytime i tried to pass, a car came.

So many miles down the road i thought geesh she is really going fast since i can't catch her, I knew we were getting close to were we should be turning, so called but no reseception, finally got past the truck, so really started hauling trying to catch up with her. Finally got reception and i said were are you? i can't seem to catch up with you, so then i said when you find a spot in the road to pull over do so, Ha she was just around the corner , which to say she had not planned on stopping there, she had a blow out on her trailer. NOT a good place to have it. Well thank god Nevada and the rest of them were behind us. So i called Jaynee to let them know were we were, Wasn't too long before they came, good thing there was plenty of room to pull over for them and Nevada, The traffic wasn't stopping, a nice gentleman stopped to see if he could help.

Gosh it was hot out there. Once they got all the right tools it didn't take long to change it. She did have to move the rig for it to more level.

Fianlly back on the road again, Nevada leading, geesh i thought he new just were

to turn off, NOT ! he went right past the turn off Cindy following, i turned off and hoped that Rich would turn off, But nope he followed Nevada.. LOL he said he just knew that Nevada new were he was going HAHAHA! Can tell he don't trust

a woman

Well anyway we finally get to the campground, Don & Sharon were already here so we tried to figure out just who was parking were. Finally got that figured out

All the dogs got aquinted too.

For dinner we had weiners and potatoe salad beans,corn on the cob, along with snacks of cheese and


A good day other than the flat.And yes we had a bit of rain and also thunder and lightning.



madretz said...

Sounds like quite an adventure!

Ern said...

Hi .. great pics and story .. we sure love camping and love to see others having a great time camping. Come to my website if you like and check out some or our adventures camping up in Mt Charleston and out at the lake.

Maybe we will cross trails someday .. see you there!!

Shionge said...

Thank you for sharing this Lilli...I hope i can have a go camping in USA :)

rosemary said...

Looks like great fun...well except for the tire are the cats doing camping???