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Thursday, June 28, 2007

someone had a great imagination

Oh i didn't want to forget the fish jumping up, got some good shots of them, funny to watch them as they are trying to jump over. They are so small.
Ok so we went the back road back home, and here we came across this masterpiece, someone really had a good imagination as to what to add to this tree stump, so if you want a better look at this you will have to click on the photo to get a better view. But don't do it if you don't want to be embarrassed. LOLThe we came across another place that would be great for dry camping this is called Jack Creek and it has a lot of nice space there by the stream to camp, looks like a lot of people use this for horses.Will have to come check this area out again specially when its more in the summer to see how much water is in the creek.


madretz said...

Totally LOL!! I was like "what the???" looking at that piece (?) - your 2nd photo. Very imaginative! No matter, uh...what it is, it's hilarious! What a funny thing to stumble upon.

The fish swimming upstream to spawn is awesome, too.

Shionge said...

Great masterpiece huh? Love the pics Lilli and those fishes what a lovely sight to behold :D