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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Planting Day

Today we did some planting,the weather was perfect, not too hot, just a nice cool breeze which i like because i don't do hot, or too cold. Yesterday we went to Costco and bought 4 big trays of plants. Around here you have to be careful to not plant too early, as the weather can change in a heart beat. Like yesterday morning here it was 33 degrees, in LaPine it was 28 so i am sure they had to do some coverings of plants there.
It has been a couple of yrs since we did much planting around here. With Nevada not in good health the last couple of springs. So this time we decided that we better do something as i really do miss my flowers.

My waterfall sort of got the lip broke so Nevada put a rock under it, also found that it has a leak in the bottom of the top pond, so he is waiting for it to dry out so he can patch it. We used to have another waterfall, that had a stream coming down were the rocks are but it got to be too much to take care of, the outside wall were the motel sign shows, also was a waterfall and that too came to an end, had to fill it about 3 times a day, the winds were not very kind to having a water fall.
The other waterfall with the lattice is right by my door to the house, I love to listen to it in the summer time when i have the screen door open.
Tomorrow we will go get more plants. But i have to rest my sore body, didn't know i had so many places that hurt.
Around the wall we are going to put some lights on to show up more at night, hopefully they all still work.

Today we also had to take Tittertat back to the vet so that they could check his urine, dropped him off this morning, by closing time they called and said that he still has not peed, so they were going to keep him over night and hopefully by morning he would pee. Boy i just can't believe he went all day without peeing.


Shionge said...

Hey lovely plants and gardening work out there ya! Nice job and sorry about the sore body though :(

Also, sorry to hear about kitty...don't worry I bet he'll be fine. Take care :D

madretz said...

Very pretty gardening, i really like to stonework in photo #2.

BTW, if you'd like to play, I tagged you in a little meme on my blog. Totally cool if you don't wanna play, too, but it's always fun to learn new stuff about each other. :)

have a great weekend!!