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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

2nd day of campout

Wow i don't know what happend with that first post but sure is off, maybe trying to copy and past on here is something that don't work all that well.

Here is some of our rigs on one pull thru, we actually got 2 other small Rv's on there as well. sure was a nice park. Had it all to ourselves till Sat and they some folks came with theres and a horse trailer, i think they had 4 horses all together, they had 2 corrals for the horses, which is nice.
Here is Rich starting to get the grill ready for breakfast, he was our cook for the weekend, how nice as it gave us women a break from cooking.

Here we are eating again, no wonder i gained a couple more lbs, I have to share this photo of the dog, her name is Bella, she kept us all in laughter, when she first came and sat outside with us, we heard the sound of a pig, and we all were looking to see were the pig was, and Cindy her owner started laughing and said that is the sound that Bella makes. None of us have ever heard a dog make a sound like that. Oh my it was hysterical. I have never laughed so hard in my entire life, and she smiles on command. I have to say she was the entertainment of the weekend.
Ok more to come

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