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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Getting ready to go to Astoria

Photo of the day
Samont & Jenny

Well this week is going by pretty fast, which is good, as i am so ready for our trip to Astoria Oregon at the coast.

Starting to load the motor home up with the esstial foods we will need, being that I take everything out of it in the winter time, it is now time to start restocking it so that we can just go. Of course you have the last minute things like milk, bread etc but most of the time it is ready to hit the road.

I think today we will wash it. Haven't kept up on what the weather is suppose to do tho. I sure hope it is going to be a nice weekend over there.

Gave Princess a bath last night, she is getting so she really likes to take one, but still won't let me blow dry her, or brush her out without wanting to play. She runs around the house like a crazy girl, so funny to watch her, the cats don't know what to make of her and of course they don't like it as she is all wet.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Princess now has mastered the climb

Well we wondered how long it was going to take for her to get brave enough to go from the chair and jump to the cats tree.So now it will have to be that we move the chair, Poor cats don't have chance, that is there get away. She sure was proud of herself.

Well another weekend is almost over, Next weekend we have decided to go to Astoria Oregon for the Crab Festival. So we will be taking the motor home and staying for the weekend at a rv park, since we didn't find out about the festival till yesterday it was way too late to get into Fort Stevens Campground, they were already full. Darn cause this rv park is $33 bucks a night way too much for what we ever pay. almost as much as a motel room.

The weather has been really cold here the last few days, snow on the passes, and more is coming tonight. Geesh sure was hopeing for nicer weather by now. Tulips are up but don't think they are going to last too long with the freezing nights.

Nothing exciting happend this week so not really even worth writting about. Same stuff as ever. Hope this week goes by fast as i am so ready to do something fun. Maybe tomorrow it will warm up some and we can go for another drive.

Oh i made some banana dog treats tonight, cats like it, the dog plays with them.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Last night the perfect photo

Last night i got the perfect photo of Princess and Casey, it couldn't of been better. Mind you this dog and cat don't sit like this, they run at each and play, but they layed there just like that while i ran and got the camera. Look how they have there paws stretched out just waiting for me to take a photo. And then there is Smiley with those huge eyes.
And Tittertat the 32 lb who never has missed a meal. If there is food around he will find it.

This started out as a really bad day, woke up with a back ache, so thought the darn bed was doing it, but as the day went on i kep feeling worse and worse, I started getting chills and my back on the right side was getting worse. i was burning up. Tried to nap but couldn't . Thank goodness i have a dr.s appointment tomorrow. I think this evening the fever broke as my face isn't hot anymore but my back is still killing me.
It hailed today, the weather is really cold and nasty, almost like winter instead of spring Ugh!

What is this world coming too? Again another shooting but so much worse than before.Such a waste. My heart goes out to the families and friends. What makes someone do that? We can ask, but is there really a true answer?How can you know when someone is so desperate to do something like that.?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

More of our lakes on the Cascade Lakes Hwy

Another one of the many lakes on the Cascade Hwy.


Elk Lake Cascade Hwy

Sirmax Beach, nice sandy beach

Soda Creek with Mt Bachelor in the background

Friday, April 13, 2007

thinking back to the 30 oz steaks

If you ever get in to my part of the country, then you must make time to go about 80 miles from here to the Cowboy Dinner Tree.
were they serve you a 30 0z steak and all the trimmings. Of course once you eat everything before hand you won't be able to eat that steak, as your going to be full. This is out in the boonies, so make sure that you save the link as you will need to make reservations.
Look at that baked potatoe next to that steak. Yup i am getting hungry now.

Going thru some photos

Well i just thought i would share some photos of what is in my area of Bend Oregon,
We have a lot of lakes here so here is a few of them.
This is :

Elk Lake

This is Hosmer Lake

Lava Lake

Sparks Lake

Well i hope you enjoy, more lakes are here but i will stop for now.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Trip to China Hat area

Today we decided to go for a drive again, the sun was beautiful and i felt house bound, so we decided to head over to China Hat and up to the National Forest, been yrs since we have been up that way. Decided to check out Swamp Wells Horse Camp.
Good thing Nevada happend to notice that the sign was down or we would of missed it. Boy what a road, thought we would never get there, i think he said it was about 8 miles into it from the main rd.Go to the link for directions.
But boy what a great find it was.

Here is one of the corrals, a picnic table, fire pit, and places for you to dump your horse manure if your going with a horse. We don't have one. I really don't think this place is used much

Here is one of the ponds that is there. someone has totally fenced it,but i think some of the fencing is coming down. No one seems to have kept that up.

Here is the other pond, i wonder how much water is there in the summer time.

Here is another shot of what the area looks like from the pond

Here is one of the fire pits, and boy does that fire pit go deep into the ground, and just think you can hang a good size kettle from those polls.

There are 3 trail signs on this area i will only post this one
Arnold Ice Cave
Click here to read what others have to say about this cave, also when you click on the wells camp there you will also see some of the other things that you can hike into .I wish i had the energy to do some hiking or the time.

If you think about going here be sure to stop and get a map there are many side roads that one can go on. They say you can take a 30ft rv in there. yes there is lots of parking, the roads are not in the best of shape at least not when we went today. If you go slow i think you would be fine, but bumpy.Some of the roads are a bit washed out as well. Maybe in the summer time they take better care of the road. Doubt it but one can hope. Its a shame because the are is so beautiful and all the sounds of the birds and the wind going thru the trees, so peaceful. No fees and 14 days camping.

Happy Easter

Hope that everyone has a good day today. Today is a sunny day, but oh so cold out there.

Took Princess out early this morning as she was throwing up again, I am getting a bit concerned now, she is not eating much and when she does it comes up. She has not ate any of her dog food, been giving her chicken strips, but she throws that up as well. She goes out and eats grass and then throws up. Not sure if this is good for her. Otherwise she seems active enough.Will call the vet in the morning. Seems like she should be getting over the surgery by now.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Miss P feeling better

Well Princess is feeling better, rumping around and chasing the cats, here she finally has figured out that there is another whole world in the kitchen, she has been watching the cats jump from the end table by my chair to the counter, so now she thinks that she can do the same thing.
Yesterday i picked up some Benydryl for her, but have to call the vet to find out the dosage to give her. I am not sure why Benedryl i would think it would be Dramamin for car sickness. Anyway have an idea? Yesterday when we were getting ready to leave i put my coat on and she immedetialy started slobbering. We just can't have that, we go too much, and she don't like staying home with the cats. So something has to be done.
Weather is suppose to be 71 today and nice all weekend, so thats great.
Have a nice day.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Princess's surgery

Well yesterday was Princess's surgery, she got spayed and also had to have 9 baby teeth pulled, Thought she was going to be without teeth. But her permanant teeth were in and still had the baby teeth. Vet said Pom's are good about keeping there babyteeth, but later on we would have to have them pulled anyways. So was best and cheaper to do it now while she was under.
I guess she is right. She was pretty groggy last night and slept all night long. That was good, as she sleeps with me i was afraid that she would wake up and jump off the bed, but she didn't. She did eat a bit of chicken before bed.
Today she had the runs. Boy that was a mess, had to wash her behind under the sprayer a few times today. She actually liked that, guess she don't like the smell or the fact its dirty. She was a good girl.
Now we have to keep her quiet for 7 days, now that is a joke, she thinks she can still do anything like chase the cat. Had to stick her in her carrier for a while and she didn't like that, so i guess she decided to listen to me when i say NO.
She drooled so bad at the vets when i got the carrier, i told the vet she started that again about a week ago. So the vet said i can give her Benadryl for the car sickness. Said she would give me the dosage that she can have once i get it. So tomorrow i have to go and buy some. I hate to see her like that.