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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Trip to China Hat area

Today we decided to go for a drive again, the sun was beautiful and i felt house bound, so we decided to head over to China Hat and up to the National Forest, been yrs since we have been up that way. Decided to check out Swamp Wells Horse Camp.
Good thing Nevada happend to notice that the sign was down or we would of missed it. Boy what a road, thought we would never get there, i think he said it was about 8 miles into it from the main rd.Go to the link for directions.
But boy what a great find it was.

Here is one of the corrals, a picnic table, fire pit, and places for you to dump your horse manure if your going with a horse. We don't have one. I really don't think this place is used much

Here is one of the ponds that is there. someone has totally fenced it,but i think some of the fencing is coming down. No one seems to have kept that up.

Here is the other pond, i wonder how much water is there in the summer time.

Here is another shot of what the area looks like from the pond

Here is one of the fire pits, and boy does that fire pit go deep into the ground, and just think you can hang a good size kettle from those polls.

There are 3 trail signs on this area i will only post this one
Arnold Ice Cave
Click here to read what others have to say about this cave, also when you click on the wells camp there you will also see some of the other things that you can hike into .I wish i had the energy to do some hiking or the time.

If you think about going here be sure to stop and get a map there are many side roads that one can go on. They say you can take a 30ft rv in there. yes there is lots of parking, the roads are not in the best of shape at least not when we went today. If you go slow i think you would be fine, but bumpy.Some of the roads are a bit washed out as well. Maybe in the summer time they take better care of the road. Doubt it but one can hope. Its a shame because the are is so beautiful and all the sounds of the birds and the wind going thru the trees, so peaceful. No fees and 14 days camping.