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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Getting ready to go to Astoria

Photo of the day
Samont & Jenny

Well this week is going by pretty fast, which is good, as i am so ready for our trip to Astoria Oregon at the coast.

Starting to load the motor home up with the esstial foods we will need, being that I take everything out of it in the winter time, it is now time to start restocking it so that we can just go. Of course you have the last minute things like milk, bread etc but most of the time it is ready to hit the road.

I think today we will wash it. Haven't kept up on what the weather is suppose to do tho. I sure hope it is going to be a nice weekend over there.

Gave Princess a bath last night, she is getting so she really likes to take one, but still won't let me blow dry her, or brush her out without wanting to play. She runs around the house like a crazy girl, so funny to watch her, the cats don't know what to make of her and of course they don't like it as she is all wet.

1 comment:

madretz said...

What an adorable photo. When we had 2 cats, after they turned a certain age they barely tolerated each other. Do all your fur babies go with you on your road trips?