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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Last night the perfect photo

Last night i got the perfect photo of Princess and Casey, it couldn't of been better. Mind you this dog and cat don't sit like this, they run at each and play, but they layed there just like that while i ran and got the camera. Look how they have there paws stretched out just waiting for me to take a photo. And then there is Smiley with those huge eyes.
And Tittertat the 32 lb who never has missed a meal. If there is food around he will find it.

This started out as a really bad day, woke up with a back ache, so thought the darn bed was doing it, but as the day went on i kep feeling worse and worse, I started getting chills and my back on the right side was getting worse. i was burning up. Tried to nap but couldn't . Thank goodness i have a dr.s appointment tomorrow. I think this evening the fever broke as my face isn't hot anymore but my back is still killing me.
It hailed today, the weather is really cold and nasty, almost like winter instead of spring Ugh!

What is this world coming too? Again another shooting but so much worse than before.Such a waste. My heart goes out to the families and friends. What makes someone do that? We can ask, but is there really a true answer?How can you know when someone is so desperate to do something like that.?


Shionge said...

What a lovely shot and to be able to captured all three :D

Honestly no matter how desperate & depress a person gets this is too blatant to cause suffering to others esp. the families. My heart goes out to the families too.

Hann said...

Toooo cute!! :-)

madretz said...

Cute shot of your fur babies. :)
I hope you're feeling better. It's been cold here, too. Last night I couldn't fall asleep because I was too cold.
V. sad about the unexplainable tragedy.

Ex-Shammickite said...

That's such a nice pic of all the pets. And amazing to think that they sat still and waited for you to get the camera.
Yes, a dreadful tragedy in Virginia Tech, and the worst part for me is that the press are making so much of the creature who caused it all. I don't want to hear any more about him, and I certainly don't want to see his face on my TV. or listen to his voice.

kenju said...

I can't believe the cats posed for you like that! Thanks for the visit and comment.