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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Princess now has mastered the climb

Well we wondered how long it was going to take for her to get brave enough to go from the chair and jump to the cats tree.So now it will have to be that we move the chair, Poor cats don't have chance, that is there get away. She sure was proud of herself.

Well another weekend is almost over, Next weekend we have decided to go to Astoria Oregon for the Crab Festival. So we will be taking the motor home and staying for the weekend at a rv park, since we didn't find out about the festival till yesterday it was way too late to get into Fort Stevens Campground, they were already full. Darn cause this rv park is $33 bucks a night way too much for what we ever pay. almost as much as a motel room.

The weather has been really cold here the last few days, snow on the passes, and more is coming tonight. Geesh sure was hopeing for nicer weather by now. Tulips are up but don't think they are going to last too long with the freezing nights.

Nothing exciting happend this week so not really even worth writting about. Same stuff as ever. Hope this week goes by fast as i am so ready to do something fun. Maybe tomorrow it will warm up some and we can go for another drive.

Oh i made some banana dog treats tonight, cats like it, the dog plays with them.


rosemary said...

Thank you for visiting my blog...your pictures are wonderful. You live in a beautiful area. We have family in Calif. and pass thru your part of Oregon on the way down. We used to have an RV..29'...but sold it and now just have a camper but self contained. We'll be going on an adventure in May. Come back and visit...I'll be back to see your really nice blog.

madretz said...

Your Princess looks so proud!
Have fun next weekend at the Crab Festival, it sounds like fun!