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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

trip to Astoria Oregon


Friday morning and we are ready to go to Astoria, Boy it ended up being a longer trip than we thought, left Bend at 10 am, gas tank was full, so Nevada decided to wait and get propane on the road. Yeh right, should of known better. Anyway took the Santiam Pass, hate going that way but it is a beautiful drive. The day was nice and clear so was able to see all the mountains, got a good view of Mt Washington, sure is sad to see all the burnt trees from the fires yrs ago, can't remember when that was but still looks sad to see all those burnt trees still standing.

Got down to Detroit Lake, boy that is such a beautiful area around there, and the lake is big, seeing all the water in there was nice, last time we went that way the water was very low. The dam was working too. I don't believe it was the last time as there was not enough water in it.

Went to Salem Oregon oh boy, yrs since we have been there, got to see the state capital building, HMMM ! got twisted around and had a heck of time getting out of there, yep a garmin or something would of been helpful about that time, wasted gas and time.

Tillamook Oregon and the cheese factory on the right side of us, no time to stop now as we are behind time, not sure as to when the campground is to close. So decided to keep going. Gas gage getting low so he thought , got past Gerabaldy didn't see a gas station, OH NO don't run out of gas. we kept going hopeing to find a station in the next town No luck, fingers are still crossed for the next town, NOPE no gas. Oh geesh, were do people buy gas around here when they just want to mow there lawns, way too far to go. more towns and higher climb, finally he looks again and oh he says i read it wrong still a 1/4 tank Yew that was lucky, finally came across a gas station, lucky, all we thought about was having to walk and no places to really pull over.All is good now, gas was $3.29 a few miles down the road near Seaside $3.07 oh well still cheaper than Bend. If you get to Tillamook check out the WW II Blimp Museums

Fianlly found Kampers West, did have to call them to say we would be late and since we didn't know how they handled that we thought we better call them, so did and they close at 4:30 said they would have the papers up on the wall as to were we would be parked. Good thing.Gosh that is early to close.


madretz said...

Enjoying reading about your first day. I can imagine how scared you must have been thinking you were running out of gas!
I really want to go to Tillamook. My favorite cheese. I heard their ice cream is some of the best world wide, too.
Unfortunately though, your photos aren't showing up in this post. I noticed they are all up in the newer posts, but i haven't read them yet, I like to work my way back. Might wanna try re-loading the photos for this post, i'd love to see them!

madretz said...

Yay! they showed up! thanks, love the pics. I call taking photos while driving in a car "Drive By Shooting". I've since learned that it's a common term for that activity. LOL! I lived in LA when there was a lot of real drive by shooting so I'm really happy that this term is much friendlier. :)

Sam said...

Loved thses pics and your description..u write amazing travel blogs ..:))