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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Last night & this morning the IV

Last night we thought things were going to be ok. We stopped and picked up the baby food, i mixed the meat with some water so that i can use the syringe, i did one tube and then he decided to lick some on his own, YEH!!!! NOT. He was very listless still last night, stayed on the bed he feels very cold so i covered him up. Then before going to bed i put him in the litter box and he peed very little but did it YEH!!!!NOT..... He slept most of the night moved a few times. All seemed good, Till this morning. He threw everything he had in him up, all waterery God what a mess.That was at 6:30 this morning, He now has come out of the bedroom laid by the water dish, he took just a few licks of water. Then moved himself back under the coffee table. I will call the vet as soon as they open.
Gosh we are wondering now if maybe there isn't another problem.This is so discourageing. Oh and when we took him back in yesterday he lost another lb.
Well i talked to the vet this morning and she said to give him some more fluids since he threw everything up, but was good that he kept what food i was able to give him last night in till this morning.
Gosh i hated the idea of having to give him the IV was really hopeing that he would be eating and drinking on his own this morning. but here i have just inserted the IV in him. That is Nevada soothing him.Smiley looking on to what is going on.
He just doesn't seem to be getting better.

After we did the IV i fed him some more, we then waited a while to see if he kept it down and all was ok, so went to town for a little bit, when we got home he had thrown everything back up again, It was almost 2 pm i called the vet again but they were at a meeting so had to wait till 3 to call back. When i did Amy said you need to bring him in, so he is now staying at the vet.

Feline: Conditions of the Liver

Hepatic disease (conditions of the liver) can be acute/sudden or chronic (long lasting). The liver is responsible for detoxifying the bloodstream as well as processing the nutrients absorbed from the intestinal tract. There are many things that can go wrong with the liver and in general they are serious but it always helps to understand medication used and the principles involved in management.

Here is the information the dr gave me to check out .There going to give him maga dose of the fluids plus a shot so he doesn't throw up.She says the good thing is that he is not yet Jaundice which is a good thing, because we have been on him from the start, but this is what can happen to him if he had not been.Hopefully what she is doing today will get him over the hump.
I don't understand it all yet but sure is scary if he gets to the point of being Jaundice.


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madretz said...

thanks for the update. i wish it were better news. I'm sure you're all sad and just want your little kitty better.
Will keep sending out the blessings.