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Friday, May 18, 2007

Another week gone by & a constipated cat

Well another week has gone by and not much has been going on , business had been slow. Geesh wonder what the summer is going to bring, can it really be that folks are going to be staying closer to home? Gas prices are soaring. $3.39 last we looked when we went out. Other places i am hearing is even higher. Not a good sign.

Did get plants yesterday to put in the flower beds, got some of them in but not all, didn't feel all that great today so didn't finish putting them out in the yard, not sure yet were to put them. Oh well maybe i will feel better tomorrow. Laid back down today and took a long nap, havn't done that in a long time. Not sure that made me feel any better, been so tired lately, and getting up several times during the night. Cats don' t help either as they want your attention once your up.

Not sure what is wrong with Tittertat, i am guessing he is constipated again, he has gotten out of hand again about eating, so today he is not good at all, has thrown up several times, wan
ts nothing to drink, or eat OH MY GOD! you know there is something wrong when he doesn't want something to eat. Poor guy is having a rough day and night today.
I have had him on a pretty stricked diet and lately have slacked off with it which i shouldn't have done that, but he just drives you crazy if you don't feed him what your eating. So the last two days i have given in to him, now we both are suffering f
or it.
If he isn't better by tomorrow i will have to see about getting him to the vet or at least try to get some medication down him so he can go to the bathroom. I know just what ya all wanted to hear. One time it cost us over $300 to get him to go to the bathroom. It can be dangerous if he doesn't go. Altho i have don't know if that is what his problem is but he sure acts like it. I tried to give him some milk and he didn't want that either.
Last night i didn't pick up the cat food from the other cats so he may of got up on the counter and indulged himself so much that he is sick from eating so much. You know he is like people, he can't say NO to food when in front of him. He is a compulsive
eater. Only cat i know that eats everything you eat.

Well i guess i best close for now and go to bed, not sure what we will be doing this weekend, a few things going on in town, Pole, Peddle, Paddle in Bend i think that is what they call it, have never been to that. The Madras has the air balloons and then there is a horse show which i know we won't be going too.

I know i will have to get out of here sometime as i am feeling housebound.
Hope all is having a good weekend.