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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Time to work in the yard

Well today i decided that the yard needs some tender loving care, altho I do wish i had a green thumb. One of my flower beds has been in such a mess, because of this beautiful tree that we have, but since we have put the yard in several yrs back, this tree has released all of its roots and it is getting to be a real pain in the rear.

Of course i wouldn't think of getting rid of the tree as it gives us some wonderful shade in the summer time. But it definitely has caused a problem with trying to grow anything in the flower beds. 2 yrs ago we dug it all up and put down plastic hoping that would stop the roots from going thru but , NO way, they have smothered what plants i did have in there.

So today i took the blocks from around the tree and put them around the flower bed and raised it up and added more dirt, so hopefully those roots won't be coming towards the top of the new dirt, Now i have to think about what to plant there, since most of it is in the shade it will have to be shade loving.

Really wasn't planning on doing anything to the yard, because I have my heart set on this place selling, but then if it doesn't, well like last yr, we didn't do anything either and you can only go so long with out doing anything before it all goes to pot.

Boy sure can tell we are out of shape, we were so tired today, and sore. Nevada got the dirt from our pile that we have had a few yrs ago but never used.
The pond finally must of got cold enough to break the lip off, so he had to put a rock there so the water could run off the rock, but then we also discovered that it had a hole in the bottom of it, so the water was leaking from there. So now he has to fix that with something. At one time we had 5 waterfalls here.Got to be too much to take care of and too much to keep the water in the ponds, so much wind here that it just evaporates.

Oh and yesterday he was cleaning another one of our ponds out in the front yard and there was a rat in it, how disgusting is that? The guy at the catering place said he has had to put out rat killer so i am wondering if that rat came from his place looking for water.


rosemary said...

I have a brown thumb.....I bet I could kill weeds if I tried to cultivate them. The bed looks'll make it bright and happy with flowers. I only have chives coming up because it is still chilly in the mornings.

Where there is one rat...there are more...

Pankaj Gupta said...

hmmm the pic is good.