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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Weekend

Beautiful sunset at the Slabs in Niland California.

Well the closeing of a nice 3 day wee
kend for people, at least this part of the country, not sure but I think some states didn't have very good weather. How was your weather were you are?
It was windy today here in Bend Oregon, but at least no rain yet or too cold. In the past it has rained or was way too cold to be out camping. So it truly was a nice weekend for the first camping season.
Hope that you all had a good time off work. And for those that had to work like me, well take i guess someone has to do, so thanks.

Tittertat is doing a little bit better each day, the chicken strips that i feed him, he likes them, to encourage him to drink i add water to the chicken and he ends up drinking the water as he picks up the chicken. Sneaky aren't I? Hey whatever works to get some fluids down him.


Shionge said...

We are experiencing hot & humid weather now Lilli and must turn on the air-con in order to have a good night sleep :)

Hey...glad that he is doing well :) Thanks for sharing once again.

rosemary said...

Lilli the blog looks wonderful!!! You did a great job. I caught up on your have got the richest cat poop on all of Oregon. I hope he is better soon. My Drakie is feeling good today...some Iv fluids, a Vit. b12 shot and some kisses. It rained all yesterday afternoon and all today. My daughter is visiting so she has 3 good days and 2 not so good.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Lilli!
So happy to hear that Tittertat is eating a little and doing better bit by bit.
Now in answer to your question about people leaving comments, they don't need to have a blog. All they have to do is check 'Anonymous' as their identity. In fact, I'm doing it now. But when you tell them, make sure they sign their name (or fake name just so YOU know who they are) or else all it will say is Anonymous and you'll be wondering who is who. If they check "other", well, i don't know what happens, I suppose I should try. But for now, I'm signing out as Anonymous.

Testing-madretz said...

Ok Lilli, Now I'm gonna try to sign out with my identity as "other" just to see what happens.

(Oh, I see. If you check OTHER, then more options come up where the person can leave their name and/or webpage, but neither are required.)

SOOOO...your friends can check either Anonymous -or- Other.

Anonymous said...

Lets see if this works now Lilli

Sharon said...

I tried to sign in as other and we will see if this works

Sam said...

Hey Lilli,

Hope things are good at your end! I am reading your blogs and see that everything is turning out well ..hope your trips are going well tooo...keep blogging ..nice pictures!Hope tittertat is doing good now!