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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Festival


Got up early fixed breakfast as best i could, no gas and for the life of me i couldn't find my hot plate so had nothing to cook on except the convection/micro. still havn't figured out how to use it.
We went to catch the bus, it was a buck eac
h for the ride well worth it since it was so far away to the fairgrounds, one day we will have a tow car so we can drive around.
Cost $9 bucks each to get in, nothing but vendors all over the place, also a wine tasting which if you wanted to taste wine you paid.Never been to one that you had to pay, wineries that we have been too seemed like they were free.
Now i really was looking forward to having some good clam chowder, well that was a farce because we had the worst clam chowder ever. 4 oz of chowder for $4 spendy huh? maybe 3 peices of clam. Ok this was not the best outing i have been too, but just getting away was good.

As we were leaving the fairgrounds on the bus, there was a long line of bikers that was heading in that direction, i am glad that we went early in the day, as when we left the lines to get in they were huge, someone said it was the largest festival they have had. I guess maybe the weather had a lot to do with it as well, it was a nice warm day.


Ex-Shammickite said...

Thanks for visiting my blog... yes, the first house is very important, and so exciting! So now they have a mortgage... and lots of bills... but they are so happy.
Sorry to hear your day our was a bit disappointing.

madretz said...

wow, that DOES sound like a spendy outing!! Our festivals like that are usually free or cheap (not $9). And $4 for a 1/2 cup of clam chowder! You need to come to San Francisco for great clam chowder on the west coast. Of course, New England would be the place to go for the best clam chowder. :)