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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another Bad day with Tittertat

Tues 22,07
Well we had to take Tittertat back to the vets, he has not changed, no food or water , so listless, We just got home and she has him on a IV which she showed me how to administer, god i hate needles. But he is so good that he just lays there and doen't move. I also have to force feed him baby food, chicken, mix it with water so it will go into a syringe, she says what is happening that he has been without food for so long that he is shutting down and so his fat is going to his kidneys which is not good.
He goes to the water dish but doesn't drink, he puts his paw in the dish, and just keeps it there, see his other paw,
it is all wet as well, He has never done that, as he never liked water on him.Both his feet have been shaved for IV's and blood work and under his neck from the first vet, said he couldn't do it there because he was too fat.So i am hoping that this will work and nothing else happens.
Till the next update which i hope will be a good one.


madretz said...

I'm so sad reading about your sweet little Tittertat. I will continue sending blessings and hope he will recover very soon.
Hope Nevada is doing ok, too.

Shionge said...

Thanks for the update and hope by tomorrow it'll be better.

rosemary said...

Oh, Lilli, I feel badly for you...husband and cat feeling poorly. You are braver than me....Drake will need IV fluids as well and I just can't stick her. I am taking the chicken way out and taking her into the vets for the administration.