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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

National Bison Range click on here

This was a great place but didn't get to see much wildlife, other than the antelope and the buffalo, we did get to see them do a round up of the buffalo which was neat to watch the cowboys moving them from one place to another.Can't remember how many acres they have there but its a lot read there webpage by clicking on the title .


Ron Zunk said...

Now that I have a wifi connection which doesn't drop every few minutes I can browse your site. Like all the pics, makes it more interesting. Ron

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pix of Niagara Falls (frozen) have visited your Blog site and it looks great -- will visit it later again -- thanks John (Canada)

squire said...

It is hard to believe how the bison were almost wiped out. Guess our generation is not the only ones to use up natural.