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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fountain/Air Life helicopter

Today we went to the hospital to visit Nevada's nephew who had a heart attack this past Monday, he wasn't feeling well and said his chest felt tight, thinking that he only may have a really bad chest cold. But decided he better go in and have it checked out. Lucky for him, they checked him and said nothing was wrong, they were sending him home. Luckily he had a heart attack while he was still at the hospital ER . So i guess that shows that even after being checked, it doesn't show everything at the time. He had open heart surgery .He is 52 yrs old.
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So as we were going up to his room i spotted the outdoors seating area on the second floor, so i said i want to stop and take a photo of the fountain, yikes this is a very sick looking fountain don't you think?Look at all that yuckky stuff in there, UGH!
Also as we left here is the Air Life Helicopter, I believe they have 2 . We see them using them often so i guess it would be a good thing if one ever needed it.


Ginnie said...

52 is so young, Lilli! My brother died of a heart attack at age 47. So sad.

WillThink4Wine said...

Glad to hear you nephew is OK. You're right, the fountain does look rather unloved. Not exactly inspiring the sick folks to get well as they gaze out on it.

dot said...

Maybe the fountain needs a good cleaning.
My husband was in his 40's when he had his first heart attack. It's good that the nephew was right there when he had his. I don't think some of those tests are good for much but collecting money.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Glad to hear that your nephew is in good hands there, I wish he well and he will certainly be in my thoughts now.
Nice to see the recue helicoptors.. true life savers I should think.


Carletta said...

That fountain could use some work -it's a shame because it could be so beautiful.
Good picture of the helicopter too.
Prayers that Nevada's nephew will continue to improve.

Paulie said...

Prayers for the nephew coming from me !

Looks like it could be a beautiful fountain. Some idiot probably put some soap into it to make bubbles and it just keeps recirculating. That's what happened to ours in the park next door. I enlarged it and love the lady statue with her hat to the side. I thought maybe she was dipping her feet in the water but the water doesn't come up that far.

I have a surprise on my blog -- come and see what it is.

DeeMom said...

First and foremost Prayers THOUGHTS and concerns for your nephew
Ewwwwwwwwwwww Brackish water for sure… OR did a DEAD duck egg get loose.. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww that looks nasty

Meggie said...

That is a sick looking fountain for sure. Glad you nephew was in the hospital when he had his heart attack. I hope his treatment and rehab goes well.

alicesg said...

Sorry to hear about Nevada's nephew. Hope he have a pink of health. Do get him to eat less fatty/oily food. Take care. :)