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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Almost completed Sonics

Well for those that have kept track of the development of the Sonics Drive Inn that went in next door to us, here is a photo of an almost completed building, there opening day is scheduled for the the 19th of this month, not sure it will open then or not, they look like they have a lot of stuff left to do outside, i got a photo of the drive in part but it wasn't all that good, too much stuff in the way. We are all wondering how those girls are going to roller skate in the winter time as there is no covering from
the building. Should be interesting to see. And son said there was no inside seating, so all outdoors and in your rigs.

We are also surprised that the color is so bland, we surely thought it would be a nice bright color. Not very pleasing to the eye we don't think.

Click on photos for better viewing
And i had to take a photo of my flowering little tree, forgot what its called but i thought it was dead, so was happy to see blooms on it, so pretty.

So today they closed my driveway again to the motel, they layed the forms for them to pour the concrete for the entrance to our place tomorrow, they said no driving on it for at least 7 days . Of course we were the last ones to have the concrete poured. Not very happy about that.


Ginnie said...

I wonder how many there are of us yet around who remember those drive-up and be-served restaurants, Lilli. :)

dot said...

I'm sure you will be glad when that mess is over. Maybe at the grand opening you can get a free chili dog. lol
Pretty little tree!

fishing guy said...

Addy: I have the same little red leaved flowering pink tree in the front of the house and have taken several pictures of it.

Anonymous said...

The tree in your garden is great and with gorgeous blossoms, but the colour on the building ... pew!

Rose said...

I love sonic drive-ins! We had one come to Terre Haute and I am not sure it even lasted a year.

I think I have a close-up of blossoms like are on your flowering busy in my blog a few days back. I love the dark leaves with the pale pink flowers.

Carletta said...

There's a Sonic opening in my area as well. I was just by yesterday and it looks like a couple of days.
They are usually very colorful - I think you'll see it more when the canopy top is on!
Your tree is quite pretty!

Carletta said...

There is a Sonic opening in my area as well this month. I was by yesterday and it is way more complete than yours. They usually are quite colorful - I think you'll see more when the canopy top and ordering poles are up.
Your little tree is quite pretty.

S2 said...

None of the servers at our Sonics wear skates anymore. I'm guessing it's b/c of lawsuits.

My husband and I *LIVE* to travel. This is a great blog concept!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Those blossoms are quite pretty, aren't they? It would be neat if trees always blossomed and never stopped... that would be cool!
It is possible they could still yet paint the building or is it really going to be that color? Ewwww...

Donna said...

A Sonic...and no driveway to get to it!!LOL....Geez girl...7 Days??hughugs

Lady Di Tn said...

Been busy digging in the dirt so I had to read several posts at once. First, I cannot believe such an unhealthy looking fountain at a Hospital. Is there not some kind of law except Unseenly for Pak It. My Grandma's illness would set in and I would be over organizing it and be put in jail.
Our Sonic's are bright orange with tall twisting orange cones which I thought was a trade mark. According to marketing, a Sonic Franchise makes its money back faster than any other franchise. We have two in our area.
The little tree is a flowering plum and it is usually the first one in my yard to bloom.
Now those pictures of Princess and the tooth brush are Priceless.
Peace be with you.

rosemary said...

Our Sonic has a roof to skate under, but that doesn't change the fact that the snow blows on the drive in part...and then there is the ice. The littel tree is beautiful....we are just starting to get buds and candles.

Anonymous said...

That's a really beautiful blooming little tree you've got :)

p/s: I didn't go into the museum. I was just walking along the road and saw it and snap. :P
Wished I went in though.

shubd said...

Isn't it amazing how Nature has a way of reassuring us just when we give up on it ?!
So nice that your tree is doing well.
Haven't seen those flowers in the second picture before . What are they called?

Paulie said...

I have never seen a Sonic place before but have heard of it. You will have to post another photo when it becomes its bright color. Sorry about your driveway. Your tree does add a bit of beauty to that spot.