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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring has sprung

Sat, another great day of lots of sunshine and warm temperature, it got over 70 today not sure how warm it got, but it was nice. Took a stroll around the yard, and went to my bulb bed, and to my surprise there stood my tall and beautiful yellow Daffodiles. Nice to see them out, the tulips are not too far behind them. Oh and the Crocus is out as well. Sure is sad tho that none of these last very long.

Didn't do much today, Nevada worked in the motor home trying to get the last drawer done, not a big drawer cause the sink is in the way but bigger than what was there, You know the kind that only the front opens with this tiny tray in it that you can't put nothing in. The other top drawer is a bit bigger but again the sink was in the way. at least this one was wider. It will hold some of my spices.. What i would really like to have is a spice rack i can put on the wall but there just isn't any room there.
Well here is Princess and Casey playing, Notice how Princess is reared up, this is how she approaches the cats. He is so good with playing with her,

Here they are playing on the bed.
Well its time to go to bed another weekend has passed, weather is going to change they say.

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