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Friday, March 30, 2007

another week is over

Pictures of the week
Here is Casey hiding from Princess, just so he can get some good sleep, He has been jumping up there for a few days, hiding.Plus its warm up there.

And here is Princess, looking at me, and if you look real close, she has her tongue sticking out.

Another week has come and gone, Friday already, Spring break is over for Oregon anyway, not sure about the others, I think California starts theres around Easter not sure.
Slow and uneventful week.The weather was nice today tho, but suppose to change this weekend.
Maybe will go for a drive tomorrow, i feel house bound again, can't wait to go camping sometime. SOON i hope.

Anyone do any camping lately? Around here its still a bit cold, but have had people here this week that were tenting it. Gosh i don't think of that as being much fun.
Give me the comforts of my motorhome.

Well maybe tomorrow we can do something fun even if its just to take a drive.

1 comment:

Anil P said...

Such an innocent face makes me think she must be very naughty too :)