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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Surveyor today

Picutre of the day,Wouldn't it be great to be able to be this relaxed and sleeping?
Oliver on top of Casey.
Today the surveyor came out to mark were the property line is so it is more visiable to who ever is wanting to know. Not sure when they are doing an arial survey, but he said he was having that done as well.
The fellow that was interested in the property awhile back stopped back in, he owns a furniture store in town and really would love to have this for his store, but i guess he can't get enough money together. He has been here about 5 times now. Said he was going to talk to one his asian friends and see what they can come up with. He is a nice fellow and we would like to see him have it but, if he wa
nts it bad enough he would of made an offer.
Sure got cold today, had some hale too.

Here is Princess and Casey on the coffee table. Does he love this dog or what?He really is so good with her.

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Tim Rice said...

This is a rally neat photo. Great capture!