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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Drive to Sisters Or

This morning i woke to rain, yuk! The sky was all gray and dreary l
ooking. So we decided to get some cat food and get that over with. But by the time we got back home it had started to clear up, so we decided to take a drive to Sisters. Stopped to take a photo of the mountains in the distance.To your left is Broken top, and then the 3 sistersWe stopped to see the Elk but they were too far off in the distant so didn't get to see them. Last week someone cut the fence and a few got out.But they got them all rounded up and put back.Can't understand why people would do that?
So then we turned around and took anot
her road to take the few in. Stopped at this place off the side of the road with creek, so had to stop and check it out.

Princess decided to test the
water, she stuck her feet in
and took it out just about as fast,
Guess it must of been pretty
cold. We ended up driving up
as far as we could when we finally ran into snow, there were a few rigs with snowmobiles up there and they had the
road blocked so we couldn't go any further even if we wanted too. So we decided to head on back, on the way down the phone rang to let me know there had been a call, it was from Jaynee and Rich, they were at LaPine State Park, they had planned on being there the day before but didn't make it,so i figured that they were heading on home, so i was very surprised to hear from them. So i called them back and told them that we would stop and get a bite to eat and then head that way.
So stopped at Sisters and got hamburger and headed to La Pine State Park.

Here is Jaynee as we drove into there campsite I think she was on the computer doing some burning of a CD for the camphost.
We had a great visit with them. Richard and Nevada had worked together some 20 yrs back and havn't seen each for at least that long, So they did a lot of catching up. Strange how one finds each other thru the internet, Had she not
joined my yahoo group, we probably wouldn't of found each other.

La Pine State Park, Central Cascade Range, Oregon

Check this site out for what to do there.
Anyway here is a photo of Jaynee & Richard and there dog

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Arlene said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :-) I love all your pictures!!! I used to live in The Dalles...I miss it so much up there!!!
Have fun on your trip!